From Flab To Fab Fitness Diaries [Vol-3] - How To Change Eating Habits & Life Style

Amigos my bellas!!

Hope you all had a fab week. I've been so busy and life has been a roller coaster ride lately and for GOD knows some unknown reason I slacked off badly. Erratic mood swings, oily/junk/heavy food, late night parties with eating in a bunch of group are some factors that make diet control a tad bit difficult.


If you were following me lately I talked about WISHTREND which is basically deals, distributes, networks and market about beauty and fashion along with a wide skin care range.

Sexy Cocktail Dresses From Dressv!!

From classic to cute, a cocktail dress is a dress for cocktail parties and/or semi-formal events. The super famous Christian Dior was the first to use the term ''Cocktail Dress'' in 1940's.

Best Quality clip In Hair Extensions !!!

Hi you guys! We all love adding length to our hair right? Have you ever thought what if you get your dream hair texture, style and color in just a few seconds? 

Living Nature Skin Minis for Oily & Combination Skin [Review]

I've been using Living Nature Skin Mini's for past few weeks and I think its a right time I share my experience.