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Summer is just around the corner and flow-y skirts, maxi dresses are making their way back in action with cool flower prints in solid background.

Be A Hollywood Queen This Quinceanera !!!

''Quinceanera'' - feminine form of ''fifteen year old'' is the celebration of girl's fifteenth birthday party in entirely different way as it marks a transition in between childhood to the young womanhood.

Convertible Bridesmaid Dress From - [10 Ways]

Don't we all love wedding season? As its the utmost occasion of ones life that changes everything instantly. Wedding dress for a bride-to-be is one of the most important thing and needs a special attention and time. Along with brides, bridesmaid are the brightest stars around.

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DressV covers a wide selection of colors, styles and trends. Find your latest homcoming dress with them

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Homecoming ? The title says it all ^_^