Colorful Evening Dresses !!

Prom events are most often a teenager's favorite and most awaited events. They want it to be the best ever and being beautiful is what they need to be. 

Formal Dresses For Prom This Year !!

How many of you having a problem for getting ready for one of the most important event of your life - â??Promâ? I probably have a best solution for you.

I Love Fall Tag !!

I just love tag. When, fall is just right here, I could not resist myself  and decided to do a "I Love Fall Tag". Fall is my second favorite time of the year which currently I'm loving to the fullest. 

Classic Black Smokey Eyes [Tutorial]

Classic Black Smokey Eye - a go-to look for any occasion.

Miscellaneous Makeup Haul

Yes!!!Yes!!Yes!! I hauled again.

Unique Black Ball Dresses !!!


From classic to cute, ball dresses for cocktail parties and/or semi-formal events. 

Face Architecture Brushes By Sigma !!!

Sigma will be launching the Face Architecture collection on November 9th! This collection is made up of 7 masterful brushes designed to perfect and emphasize the angles of the face. Each brush was engineered to sculpt and strobe with unique designs that effortlessly carve angles and precisely define high-points.