EOTD "Maroon & Gold Smokey Eye Look"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Welcome Back on my Blogggggggggg ... Im sooo sorry as I have been super occupied with some issues so couldn't manage time to write blogs and thats why now having a huge list of Reviews and topics with my self which going to write down soon In sha Allah :-) :-) xx

So now here we begin, a topic of the blog for today is ETOD "Maroon and Gold Eye Smokey Look"
which I had done for my cousin's wedding. As I wore a Maroon Pishwas (A long frock) With a Choori daar and it has a slight work on it in golden and maroon and dark brown. I chose Maroon smokey look for my eye rather then go for a pure maroon look,as it will going to give me a bridal look :-/ But obviously, I was bride's sister not a brider :-D :-D xx So, I decided this look and believe me it was looking super awesome after I applied ... 

Here are some pictures, closeups of the eye makeup :-D As going to show the whole face in last :-) xx

Ok, so I was wearing ,

The Body Shop Mineral Foundation, which has a light coverage though can be created if desired for more.

Name: Nature’s Minerals Foundation SPF 25

The Body shop Concealer,

Name: The Body Shop Concealer, Light

Eye Primer: Nyx Jumbo eye pencil (picture not available, sorry :( :( xx ).

Color's applied for eye makeup..

Matte Maroon on my eye lid , with a corner of black shadow and high-lighted with a golden shadow. (Im really sorry i forgot to take picture of the palette and the colors which I have used) xx

-Applied Primer i.e Nyx Jumbo eye pencil in milk, then started applying maroon shade with an eye shadow brush and applied all over my eye lid. Take a lighter shade of maroon and applied it with eye crease brush on my crease line and then blend it throughly with light hand with the blending brush.
-Applied a thin line with cake liner in the outer corner of the eye, and smudge it with the smudge brush, As it'll give you a nice look for smokey eye after applying shadow.
-On the outer corner of my eye, take black shadow and applied it on corner of the eye to give my eye a  smokey look, blend it with a blending brush with a light hand as the obvious line has to be disappeared or smudge it with a smudge brushes.
-Later on put a golden high lighter on my brow bone.
-If want then put false lashes,a super thin coat of mascara and a liner.
-A perfect nude golden lipstick with a hint of super shiny gloss.
And here it goes :-) xx
 I know its kinda confusing . But I really forgotten to take pictures.
 Here are some post make up pictures when I had been done with it.
Hope you like it.

Attached some pictures for the closer looks.Hope you get it :-) Also let me know what you want to see in next blog or let me know if you want me to re-create it :-)
Hope it helps.
And here is a final view now :-) 

As I have bold eyes, a natural golden color of lipstick given me natural look :-) Not so heavy not so light btw I was thinking it gave me some Ancient Moghal Look cause of my jewelry xx

So its all for today :-)
Do let me know if you like it , do follow my blog and do let me know what you think about it.

Untill next time, 
Eat Healthy,
Sleep Well,
and Stay Beautiful and
Smile Sunshine :-) xx

Take Good Care,
Loadz of Love,

5 comments on "EOTD "Maroon & Gold Smokey Eye Look""
  1. eye lashes looking so pretty and i always love to wear Bindi :)nice thread

  2. Absolutely lovin the look! its just glamorous!! Louve the jewellery!! xx

  3. Sana Dear! Your eye makeup is looking so natural and balanced, as well as trendy. :)


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