Collective Weekend Haul

Monday, December 26, 2011

I have been rounding another haul again yet a 'MINI' one, atleast for me and I love to save my pocket money for the things which I want to get my hands on and to be honest when I get them or purchase them I extremely feeling happy and find my self like a queen who owns such gorgeous stuff *sniff*sniff*
After having my 1st luscious haul (Click Here to watch out my 1st haul),I been a sucker for Luscious Cosmetics its not because its affordable or something but cause of the quality , I have been using branded cosmetics over an years ago quite satisfied with their quality cause they are big brands like MAC, The Body Shop , Rimmel and some other UAE local cosmetic companies but I was truely amazed to see the quality of the products by the company Luscious Cosmetics they are alike .. I got my hands on the some of other goodies of Luscious Cosmetics to give a treat to my self in holiday season :-D

So here what I got  :

-Luscious Foundation Stick in 1Creamy Ivory For Fair to Light Skin Tones
-Luscious Blush in Desert Rose
-Luscious Single Eye Shadow in Moon Beam
-Luscious Single Eye Shadow in Vanity
-Luscious Single Eye Shadow in Baby Doll
-Rimmel Max Bold Curves Mascare
-Fruit Lip Balm in Lemon

I'll be reviewing each item soon for you .

Much Love,
6 comments on "Collective Weekend Haul"
  1. Im a fan of luscious products too. Love their rockstar eye pencil, their concealer and the cherry biscotti plumping lip gloss. I have yet to try their foundation stick. Very nice blog, my first time here. Check out my lil blog too if you wish :)

  2. Thanks everyone else :-)

    @ Pandora box : yeah girl i liked their products as well and their foundation stick is fab unlike other sticks which gives cakey looks , its light and easy to blend and not so heavy :) xx And I m already following you and thanks :)

  3. Thats a lovely haul!! Waiting for your reviews now :)

  4. I think luscious have really outdone themselves, though I haven't tried any of their products, not available where I live :(
    Really wanted their makeup brushes. Good to see you hauled quite a lot ;)
    Check out my blog:

    Followed you <3


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