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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hey Dolls,
                Caption says it all about today's blogpost :-D :-D yeah yeah yeah its about French Tips and french tip style is a manicure style that compliments you with every dress, occasion or season, not matter whether its hot or humid or chilly or cold or autumn or spring..Its a manicure style thats graceful in its own way.

History Of French Manicure:

The French manicure is considered by many to be a classic look that will never go out of style. Despite the continued modern popularity of the look however, the history of the French manicure is mysterious. The origin of the French manicure is disputed as some claim that it was invented in the 1930s in Paris, while others claim that the manicure is only titled French to sound chic and stylish. No matter the origins of the French manicure, the style gained and maintained popularity in the United States and around the world with women of all ages and status.

How To Do It : 

Before you start giving your nails a French manicure, make sure you have followed the general rule for putting on nail polish.
o Prepare your nails by immersing them in lukewarm water in order to make softer the cuticles.

o Get rid of old nail polish using acetone remover. Lightly push cuticles back with an orangewood stick and cuticle remover. Clean and trim your nails. 

o Spread over hand cream to your nails and wipe them in. Let it there for three to four minutes. Wipe down nails using a tissue to eliminate surplus. 

o Apply an even and thin clear base coat. Place a tip guide unto your nails. This will wrap your nail's lower portion. Then follow the curvature of your nail tip's white color. 

o Put on white or neutral polish to the uncovered tips of the nails and dry. The portion that will be painted white must be kept thin. Going too broadly on the white paints will make your fingernails appear stocky. 

o When the tip's white polish is already dry, carefully take away the nail tip guides. 

o Paint the whole length of the nails twice using a beige/Natural Pink polish. 

o Lastly, set a layer of top coat. The top coat's main job is to shield the layers underneath it. 

o Clean few slip-ups (if any) with the use of an orangewood stick enveloped in cotton dampened with acetone or remover. 

o Let your fingernails dry totally. It normally takes 25 minutes before your finger nails can perform small things. Although it takes an hour before you can actually use your hands for bigger tasks.

In order to have an enduring French manicure as well as maintain neat looking nails, make sure to put an added coating of top coat on the nails each night. These assembled kits will be highly handy for you. And, you can visit a nail spa or salon to get your nails polished if you are anxious of manicuring yourself. In general, French manicure costs higher over a regular polish due to the level of precision required to come up with a nice set of French manicure.
So lets see my version of french tips ...

Hope I made it clear and you guys and you may able to do french nail tips at home easily...

Have you tried it at home?
So share....

this is me Sana, signing off for now..
till then
Eat healthy and stay beautiful....

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