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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gone were those days when high end and international brands were out of reach from the people who are living  where they don't ship usually . I always wished they open their outlets in Pakistan too since then I moved here but it seems to be nearly impossible but not any more , because they are here (Pakistans first online shopping website for girls) .

Who Are They ? (exclusive to girls) online shopping website where you will find the latest branded products and local products including a wide range of cosmetics and tools, hair care products, body care products, skin care products, handbags, jewelry, clothing, shoes, lingerie, fragrances, gadgets accessories and much more.

 For women its pretty tough in Pakistan. Busy work life, busy married life, busy college life. Not all women are able to always go out and shop, especially women who are busy with a house and kids or working women. Even if you are able to go out and shop, there just is not enough variety, everything is limited, same fashion, same style, too expensive branded products etc. Also you never get what you want from one place, always have to go place to place in the hot humid heat.  Women deserve more. Women in Pakistan should not have to wish to have nicer shops, better quality items, great variety etc.. over all 'a better shopping life'. Women in Pakistan equally deserve the quality shopping lifestyle as any other woman does in a foreign country and now the 'wishing' time is over! 
You don't need to 'I wish we could get this here!'

We guarantee you a pleasant and satisfying shopping experience with a guaranteed saving compared to market prices. We pride ourselves on the service and commitment we deliver to our customers, you can be sure that you will find what you need at and if you don’t then you can contact us by phone or email and let us know what you are looking and we are sure that we will be able to get it for you. 
So whether you are looking for a gift or looking to treat yourself... let's GO SHOPPING!!!

My Verdict :
                   For me is great miraculous online shopping solution where you can have a wide range of brands m from drug store to high end brands like MAC , Urban Decay , Bobbie Brown , Channel  , NARS , Sleek , Revlon , Sally Hansen , OPI , Primark etc . all you have to just name it and you ll find it there .
They not only deals in cosmetics but also deals in jewelry , bath and body range etc  . The prices are pretty reasonably fixed as they ship items from their UK office and have products in their Karachi office as well . 
If I order stuff from any other online store like MAC , Bobbie Brown , NARS etc so 1st of all they don't ship usually to Pakistan and luckily any other online site does they freight  charges are ridiculously high so considering they fact they charge comparatively fine as they pay shipping ,custom duty/taxes too on all the items too and after placing an order with them I haven't worried about my package coming damaged or being lost in middle of some where or custom officers gobbled it up . This website makes life easier everything , every brand is just one click away . What you want to buy just name it and they will provide you and if you want they don't have it in their inventory or in store they make sure to provide you or will you give you best alternate option .

They have all updated , branded quality and best selling stuff on their website and I must say delivery is pretty fast and safe . I placed my order and on a same I got my parcel safe and sound , if they don't have your desired product in their inventory they will ship it for you from their UK office which usually takes 7-14 days .
The staff is co-operative and friendly , they surely entertain you if you have special request and if they can't they will give you best alternative option for that too but they never refuse :) which I love the most about them .

I have ordered 5 piece bumpits set and a pair of Juelz earings couple of months ago , Im writing about it late as was bit busy with life . My order reached to me safely same day and best things they providing COD (Cash On Delivery) across Pakistan . 

I wanted to get my hands on it from a quite long time as Im seriously not a back combing fan and bumpit set gives a instant volume and boost to your hair . The pack contains :

Extra large Bumpit - 5"L x 1-1/2"H. x1Medium Bumpits - 4-1/2"L x 3/4"H. 2 Mini Bumpits -1-3/4"L x 1/2"H. x 2Illustrated styling sheet

Its Comfortable design stays put 
 Rigid design creates volume that won't fall 

Lightweight & comfortable - you'll forget it's there
Washes clean with soap and water - use again and again2 rows of self-gripping teeth at top & bottom for added stability 

Bumpits Hair Volumizing Inserts let you go from flat to fabulous hair in seconds! Bump it up! Easy to use comfortable self-gripping inserts create dozens of styles from sexy and sassy to elegant or casual. Bump up the volume in your hair using Big Happie Hair Bumpits As Seen On TV. Bumpits volumizing plastic hair inserts take your hair from flat to fabulous in seconds without the use of heavy creams or gels. Simply place the piece underneath hair at the crown of your head to instantly transform your look. I got them with a price tag on 1050 PKR .

2nd thing I ordered from them is Juelz Animal Print Earring , Im sucha sucker about animals prints for sure no matter whether its jewelry , scarves or clothes and stuff so as soon as I saw this I instantly wanted to grab it and so did I . And I so love it to my max its a zebra print on it which perfectly goes with my zebra print out fit or with my all those dresses who has black or white combination .I have got them with a price tag of 99.00 PKR .

In short all I can say Im quite satisfied with them and with who made life easier for me.

Do not forget to check their Website .

Keep yourself updated , Join them on Facebook and Twitter .

I totally recommend them to everyone :) xx

Do you think thats exciting ? What do you think about it ??

Much love,

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  1. Hey Sana! I think your blog is pretty gr8!

    Do check out my facebook page and lemme know what you think about it

  2. i need those bumpits let me know if they work fine

  3. Thank you ladies :)
    & Sadee they work fine just needa lil bit more practice !! im gonna order some of other hair accessory by them too :) xx

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  9. wow i love this bumpit sets looks tempted thanks for reviewing it :)


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