Shoe Shopping Spree

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hello to all my lovely ladies .. Hopefully all are doing great & preparing & welcoming summers in Pakistan . I have been in a search of good shoes & sandals lately and for that I have been hunting for them like crazy as Im hell choosy and selective person when it comes to shoes , jewelry and even dresses too . But gladly and finally I have found what I actually want from Stylo Shoes .
I have got two pairs of shoes from them & I utterly love them both so much . 

Strapped Stiletto &Wedges from Stylo Shoes :

I was hesitant buying from the Stylo Shoes as I never tried any of the pair from them before but I actually had a glimpse of what I was looking for . They had those beauties and I immediately fell in love with the wedges and moreover they were on upto 71% off and I think thats a great bargain if you are a shoe lover . You may notice high end price tags on some the shoes but on the other hand there are something which has reasonable prices on items or accessories . 

The above pair cost me around 1295PKR ( around 14$) Which I have found a bit higher then normal . By the way that was not on a sale . The best thing I like about them is the pair will go with most of my outfits & denims and gives a chic yet quite modern look . The store offer repairing for their stuff too on damaged items . 
When it comes to design and heel part , I completely loved it . This is comfy and stylish at the same time .

The 2nd pair I have bought costs me around 990PKR (around 10$) which i guess is quite reasonable . I love these kind of heels and utterly love the design as well . It is not that bling bling and shiny stuff which most of the silver sandals has it . I actually wanted to buy this for my cousin's engagement and it was completely matched with my outfit for the engagement . The hell was not too long and I even can't find any difficulty in walking after wearing it .

Over all I'd say Im quite pleased with my purchase &have no regrets , it was great experience visiting them and they have a wide range and variety of shoes , bags , clutches , jewelry and even a bridal sandals and clutches too . They have waste collection of designs for every occasion for everyone . Im really looking forward to buy some more pairs from them .

They have stores across Pakistan .
You can check their Website here or find them on Facebook too .

What do you think about it ? Do you own any of the pair from them ? 

4 comments on "Shoe Shopping Spree"
  1. ohhh.. u have so many lovely shoes.. :)

    New outfit post is up <3


  2. Those shoes are stunning! I love heeled shoes, but not too high heels. These are perfect!
    I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! I am your newest, most avid follower.

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

  3. I was surprised by the spending of influence by those listed? In actuality I would have expected it because all are interested in getting what they wanted never mind the consequences. Very useful for me I will bookmark this for my future needed. thanks for a great source.stylish crossfit shoes for women


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