Small Jewelry Haul

Friday, March 9, 2012

When it comes to jewelry it's very hard to please me , or there should be something extraordinary or unique and exquisite in its own way . A few months ago I discovered this shop which has such exquisite pieces  in a shop whether formal or trendy or urban , it has everything for everyone & I got totally excited when I found this shop as I was searching hard for my matching jewelry for my cousin's wedding& for an engagement ceremony for my another cousin . 

So have a look what I got for both occasions .

                                                             Round Necklace 

                                                             Round Earrings 

                                                                        Big Round Ring 

                                  Kashmiri Jhumkas's & Teeka (1200 PKR for earing & 300 for Teeka)

                                                                       Kashmiri Jhumkas's 


I simply adore these pieces and believe I really had a tough time by choosing all these as they have really beautiful pieces and I was like wanted to grab each and everything from them . They cost little higher than normal but I have no regrets buying them little pricey as I haven't come across up till now anyone in my circle or family , near or far wearing these kinda jewels . So I kinda own them alone in my jewelry collection , might anyone of you own any of this piece or might have seen someone in your friends or family wearing these exquisite pieces . Quality may vary according to the price , as these are slightly heavy and price accordingly but they all are so so so pretty in real . Pictures are not doing justice with them I bet if you would have seen them in real you will fall in love with them instantly as happened with me as soon as I had seen them I wanted to have them as its really hard to find jewelry and especially this type of traditional pieces in Dubai . They utterly give a look like some Mughal emperors or princess etc and I literally felt that way after wearing them especially those Kashmiri Jhumka's . 
I know they are a little bit pricey and heavy on the pocket too but they worth having them . I have got mine from Tariq Road but I'm really sorry I have forgotten them a name but its near famous Rabi Center (Tariq Road) . 

That's how they ended up looking on me .

What do you think about the jewelry ? Have you got any of these lately  ?

12 comments on "Small Jewelry Haul"
  1. Awesome picks! <3 You look very pretty ^_^

  2. Aww..they look so pretty on you :) I love wearing jewelry!!

  3. u r so pretty n the jewelry is lovely. #jealous

  4. Awwhh!! Thank you ladies :-) :-) glad you like them <3 <3 xx

  5. wow!! Ammmazing haul!! I love the ring,round earrings & the kashmiri jhumkas! They r so feminine & stunningly beautiful!!

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