100 Day No Buy Challenge!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hey dolls,

2013 has already began and I wish everyone of you all a fab 2013 with happiness and health. 2012 was one of  the most important year as I completed an year which is an incredible feeling that can't be describe in words.
Being a beauty blogger , last year especially in last few months I've collected A LOT of stuff from beauty prodcuts to clothes to shoes to handbags to perfumes and literally by cupboards , drawers and storage containers are bursting now and space is becoming a huge problem !!! I'm such a makeup hoarder and honestly speaking I have no regrets but obviously it makes me sad when being a hoarder if I buy stuff and keep my stuff like treasure and they are just sitting idle that is sucha ia waste.

 This is a call for to take some serious actions and even by having a look at them its giving me despression as there are literally hundred and hundred of items siting idle in my vanity and I have not used them even and it really makes me feel sick and sad at the same time as I just bought them cause of that implusive voice in my head that 'I WANT TO BUY THIS' no matter whether I want it or not.  

Recently I came across Grace from AllThatSlap as she was going on a 100 Day Beauty Buying Ban and without having second thoughts I've decided to do a 100 Day 'No Buy Challange'. I've to do it and may be by the end of the 100th day of the challenge I might going to treat my self something real nice that I really want to get for a quite sometime and also its will going to help me using up pile of stuff I've collected so far and also going to help me to give some self control which I need badly.

There are quite a lot more ladies who are also doing 100 Day No Buy Challenge. But for now let me tell you I'm fine and I know I'll be fing for the next 94 days too but I know by the end of it I surely am going to save up a lot as well as going to get some self control too. And, I probably going to have a blog sale soon that I have to sort out the stuff I barely used or almost new but once I'll be back to Pakistan. It is going to be in these 100 days. Just in case would any of you would be interested?

I surely am going to recommend this to all and surely you going to save up money that you could get something that you may always want to get your hands on. Also Grace has organised a twitter chat at 8p, GMT on 10th Jan Thursday. So, if you want to take part #spendingban is where it is at.

Would you like to do this to yourself just to see if you can ? Or have you done it already ?
15 comments on "100 Day No Buy Challenge! "
  1. wow, good luck to you..I know, I had problems with that...


    1. I was thinking the same actually but I really need to do this atleast to use my stuff and to gain some self control <3

  2. That is an incredible challenge! I am the same way with space and makeup hoarding....I wish you luck with this challenge!

  3. I so want to do it but I'm going abroad next month and I know I won't be able to resist :/

    1. I totally can feel you Sarah , You can do that once you ll be back to States ;)

  4. Hi Sana! I'm seriously lovin your blog! The layout is too cute. I really liked reading this post. I can totally feel you on having/buying too many products. I think the 100 Day No buy challenge is very practical! Good luck! PS. I'm your newest follower on google (#399). I'd love it if you could check out my blog and maybe follow too?

    Twitter: sensiblestylist

  5. all the best with your no buy ban! your braver than me thats for sure :-)



  6. It is such a unique resolution but it wouldn't be too difficult as you might want to look more beautiful by using those products you bought that are sitting idle.
    Wish you bestest luck.


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