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Sunday, January 27, 2013

 Hey amigos!!!

Hows Sunday coming along?? Mine was busy and hectic I need to organize my vanity as well as need to take thousand's of pictures for my upcoming posts, so it was kind of busy Sunday.

Few days before I've reviewed Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint, which I completely love. In case you've missed it you can check it out Here . Moving towards today's post, thats not so long ago when we were seeing BB Creams selling out like HOT CAKES but I never dared to try it out as having oily skin they aint gonna suit me and in daily life I never prefer wearing heavy foundations. I prefer light coverage,natural looking skin in daily life and obviously none of us wants to apply loads and loads of makeup in morning when running late for work or school/college. Then BB Creams are Tinted Moisturizer are best pick I suppose that insntantly even out skin without being heavy and cakey yet gives you a sheer but healthy glow. Still when it comes to tinted moisturizer most of them are meant to give dry/normal skin a dewy finish means totally opposite for us oily skin girls.

Tinted moisturizers are of thin consistency if we compare them with BB Cream formula. It has no whitening benefits but being light weight it gives natural finish but it lacks pigmentation so coverage might be so sheer but still your skin going to breath. Tinted moisturizers are available but shade can be a porblem or you find it pricy. So, if you live in a country where tinted moisturizer are not readily available or if they are available you may find it pricy then you might created your own Tinted Moisturizer without being in any hassle. All you may need is :

  • Your to-go moisturizer
  • Your true match to-go foundation
  • Empty sterilize container
  • Tooth-pick/Spatula

  • Take a small drop of moisturizer in an empty container. I prefer you will need to use a moisturizer according to your skin type and that is little rich in texture, the reason being not only it will be easier for you to blend it with your foundation and also it will give you silk-y application.

  • Add 2 or 3 pumps of your foundation into your moisturizer. You can always add more foundation if you need to have more coverage. For more natural coverage reduce the amount of foundation.

  • Mix two of them togather with the help of spatula or tooth-pick untill well-blended (no streaks) and apply it as you would apply your regular moisturizer. Apply it on face (down the jaw-line onto the neck to avaoid any demarcation lines) and VOILA!!! Moisturized skin so well and even out the skin.

If you are not able to create your perfect match then you probably need to mix few drops of two of your different foundation and follow the above steps to get your perfect shade. Its SIMPLE!!! Once you've discovered your shade that completely blends and meet your needs then you can get those plastic spray bottles and pour them in for everyday use or for travel. If I talk about staying powder then its there for me for about 2-3 hours after that it started slipping off. 


  • Want more coverage -  add more foundation
  • Want less coverage - less foundation
  • Want to have dewy look - add face illuminator or bronzer 
  • Want additional coverahe - add few drops of liquid concealer
  • For oily/combination skin - preferably use mineral/loose foundation
  • For dry/normal skin - add liquid foundtion made for dry/normal skin
  • Apply a bit of translucent/mattifying powder into mix if you want less shiny and matte finish 

Please use this DIY idea at your own discretion. 

Any one of you tired it? How often you do apply DIY ideas?

20 comments on "DIY - Tinted Moisturizer"
  1. Oh imade this a while back too! Love it for summers :)

    1. I've read your review on that Nayab, TBH after that I've tried that and it was notta miss definetly :)

  2. oh thats very helpful.You know i used to do it for formal events makeup.Gave a dewy light finish.But it use to turn gray after sometime.Did you notice the graying or ashen look after sometime?I used TV paint stick with my revlon moisturizer.Will try it with other moisturizers too. thanx for sharing.

    1. No Shehrzad, I haven't noticed its turning gray on me!!! If you noticed it than it means your foundation doesn't match to you skin tone or may be its undertone is mis-matched with your under-tone xx

    2. grey also means skin oils react badly with foundation.when i use a primer the problem never happens.I learned this a few months ago.

    3. This not a big thing that Blotting Papers can't do :) x

  3. Sana this is such fantastic idea! Usually when I just take a drop of my moisturizer and a drop of my foundation, mix it on the back of my hand and apply. I never thought of making a whole mixture. This will definitely save my time. Great post!! :) xx

    1. This was my second time, before that I usually take a drop of moisturizer and a mix it with foundation at the time of application.. Though its a great idea if you are traveling :) x

  4. The cream smears pretty well on your skin. It looks pretty neat too. Lovely review like as always :)

  5. Your entire review is so much amazing that it explains everything to help the girls. If I'd be a girl, then I would definitely be following to your advices :)
    6 Ounces of Words

  6. thats such a cool DIY!!! I'm gonna try it!

    The Red Lil' Shoes Blog

  7. I'm not a fan of trying DIY ideas [too lazy] but this one looks interesting!

  8. Wow, you are so inventive.

  9. That is a AWESOME idea. I'll try it. :D But Since I'm super Pale right now & In between two foundations do I use Both of them?? :D
    Thank You! :D
    Xo Pam

    1. Yes Pam, you definitey can mix and match both foundations to get your perfect match <3 Try it ;) x

  10. nice idea :) thanxx fr visiting my blog..following back


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