Body Fantasies® Signature Collection [Review]

Saturday, February 9, 2013

How crazy busy we are with our work, school, life. In mean time we definitely need to give us a small treat in temrs of fragrance that can gears us up  in the morning as a refreshing pick and softer delicate fragrance by the end of the day.

Body Fantasies® Signature Collection

Body Fantasies Signature

We created Body Fantasies to give you a small treat for yourself... to get you going in the morning as a refresing pick-me-upper during the day, and revive your softer feminine side at night.
A beautiful assortment of fragrances - many are clean and revitalzing, others are sweeter and sexier. All are finimine and different from everything else on the market.

Price Range: $3.99 - $10.99

My Verdict 

Body Fantasies Signatre is a unique collection of parfumes, body washes, body sprays, lotions and gift sets. The set I've got is from their gift set collection and combination of one of their best selling body sprays in Cucumber Melon and Cotton Candy.

Body Fantasies Signature Cucmber Melon described as a light a refreshing body spray and blend of crisp cucumber along with a sinful combination of melons. Total summery and feminine. 

 Body Fantasies® Signature Cucmber Melon

Body Fantasies Signature Cotton Candy is such delicious scent that reminds me of my childhood.Cotton Candy is a blend of spun sugar and yummy vanilla that get combined to give a notes of those tender strawberries, juicy raspberries and refreshing clean musk. Result, absolutely irresistible.

 Body Fantasies® Signature Cotton Candy

It is absolutely one of the best fragrances I've been using since 2012 that keeps me fresh and lively for hours without getting fade. It doesn't change, or fade or grows strong with time and spoiled my mood.They bound to offer a nice assortment of fragrance i.e. clean, revitalizing and fresh.And I've to admit it, its Sexier. It is all feminine and kind of different from everything else I have.However, I'm quite happy with the longevity as they offer the longest lasting fragrance unlike my other body sprays and I presume this is because they using the essential oils in higher concentration. The scenet however lingers for about 6-7 hours which is for body spray I think is not bad. It comes in a plastic packaging that you can throw away in purse and can travel with one of your favorite fragrance. I've got it in 50ml bottle which already is a travel size, I always prefer to use a smaller version before trying out a full sized product that can also gives me an idea how product is actually.

Body Fantasies® Signature Collection

Overall, I'm completely satisfied and in love with it. And can't wait to try out some other fragrances.Oh by the way, it doesn't mean that they can beat my love for Bath And Body Works ^_^

You Might Like It 
  • You are looking for refreshing, feminine scent
  • You want your scent lasts for about good 6-7 hours
  • You love the combination of something frutiy and fresh
  • You like sugar and vanilla scent
  • You want a light scent
You Might Not Like It
  • You want your scent lasts whole day long on you
  • You are into strong scents
  • You don't like fruity smells

Body Fantasies Signature Fragrance Body Spray is priced 6.99$ for 236ml and 6.29$ for 50ml and can be purchased from The Dubai Mall or if you living abroad you can visit Fragrance Rebel .

Have you tried it? What do you think about it?

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