Post Birthday Haul!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hey my dolls !!

Let me clear one thing first, as I am on spending ban I didn't buy these stuff. This is my Post-Birthday Gift from my Mom as late in December (my birthday month) cause of some family emergency she didn't get a chance to buy me anything for my birthday. A week ago we were roaming in TDM (The Dubai Mall) , mom asked me to buy whatever I want to as a gift since she was not able to get me anything. Without any particular instinct I started roaming around shops like crazy as it was almost 25 days I didn't buy ANYTHING cause of spending ban. 


I headed towards Sephora randomly, there I found some gorgeous sets and wonderful thing was that they are mini's so that try 1st and if like them go for a full sized product. I have seen Michelle Phan used this Benefit To Go Set that contain some of Benefit's bestsellers. I wanted to try them so bad and without testinf them I was hesitant whether I'm going to like them or not and money will go waste and I might not use them. These being mini's were their plus point I bought them. There were a lot of new sets available at sephore which I want to try them so bad. I might get my hands on some of them when my ban will be over.

 Second thing I spotted on and was on my wishlist since like forever was NARS Ita Kabuki Brush. Unlike other Kabuki Brush what applead me the most about it is , it is unique design. The angular design this brush makes it ideal for controlled application. For the price, it's definitely not a steal and uptill now MOST EXPENSIVE one in my brush vanity.

This one was actually total accidental purchase. The color caught my attraction instantly more then of its design I fell for its color combination which was quite cool and this color is not in my bag collection too. My mom liked it too and asked me to grab it. I bought it from Dream Sea Discount Center in Dubai, they have so many colors and designs but I ended up getting this one cause of its color combination.

So, this is my SMALL Post Birthday Haul. Presents from Dad's side is still due ^_^

Would love to know your recent buys/gifts.

20 comments on "Post Birthday Haul!!!"
  1. Nice little haul! I've always wanted to try some of benefits makeup, I hear great things about it.


    1. Yeah!!! Benefit has some great products but before going for full size product I prefer using deluxe sizes then go for full size product if like them :) x

  2. Nice haul. I loveeee the bag. Do share the prices too!

    1. I loved it too :) I'll share all prices etc in Review post for sure xxxx

  3. You for yourself some great stuff . Happy belated birthday <3

  4. Love the bag!

  5. December is my birthday month too.. :)

  6. Oh wow the Benefit stuff looks seriously yummy! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on those. :)Happy Birthday girl. <3

    1. Haha!! I wanted to buy EACH and EVERY set from Benefit <3 they were so yummy indeed and thanks a lot sweetheart :) <3

  7. I love a great haul. Cute bag too!

  8. So happy for you!

  9. Wonderful haul, do let us know how you like the benefit products! xx

  10. i love the benefit the brush.waiting for review


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