Spending Ban - Update No. 2

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another month, another update and I already am really starting to miss buying makeup for me. Although I did shop for my face wash and body wash just cause that was necessary but no beauty products or makeup at all.

By this time I already missed A LOT of sales and some great bargains cause of this challenge. Please keep in  mind I'm not allowed to buy any new makeup, beauty products, skin care or clothing etc and I only allowed myself to repurchase my daily essentials like face washes, body washes, makeup remover etc, along with some occasional purchases such as birthday's etc. Although I purchases some of the beauty products but yes!! Not for myself, but for a Pakistani Beauty Bloggers Community 1st Ever Secret Swap and I'm seriously hoping this is going to be an awesome experience and if this experience gonna be well we might at PBBC going to have this Secret Swap which is similar to Secret Santa may be once or twice every year.

Without any great difficulty till now this challenge is really helping me to put limits on myself along with it I might going to continue this challenge for another 100 days and yes, Im so going to start my 100 days weight loss challenge from Monday. I'm quite hopeful about it too as it will gonna help me to shed those some nasty stubborn kg's piled on me cause of being lazy and lacking workout routines. So lets just hope and fingers crossed for that.

All and all I can say this certainly one of the most wise desicions I've made and I'm already seeing myself controlling my thoughts about spending HUGE amount on buying makeup and everything related to it.

How is your spending ban treating you?
13 comments on " Spending Ban - Update No. 2"
  1. I know its hard at times and its annoying missing sales but keep going and you are doing well! I am not finding it too my bad myself...and we are over the half way mark!

    Best of luck with your fitness mission too - you know I am there with you on that one too! xxx

  2. o wow & inshaAllah you'll achieve your that goal too xoxo

  3. One word here.. Inspiring! ;)
    I seriously need to do the same.. :(

  4. Im in Pakistan. What does this secret swap mean? Are you gonna meet up with people?

  5. Im all eyes for the weight loss challenge! Im being very lazy too now a days lol

  6. Spending bans are a necessary evil. Good luck! :)


  7. Wow, that is so hard. I can't resist sales, that is my biggest temptation!

  8. i m on one too :( feels like there is onthing left to do :D

  9. I know this must be pretty hard, hope u survive this challenge! ;)

  10. I keep thinking of imposing a spending ban, but keep buying things before I can implement it! kudos to you though for making it this far!
    I'd love to hear about your fitness journey so will be following your blog (which I found through the bbloggers bloghop by the way!)


  11. You really know how to restrain haha. I would never! :D

  12. Looking forward to your weight loss challenge, are you on any special diet?? details plz ;)

  13. Hang in there!! Sounds like an awesome challenge to creatively use what you already have. Best of luck.


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