W7 Prime Magic Face Primer [Review and Swatches]

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Face primers are the essential part of makeup and I never skip it. Today I'm going to share my thoughts on one of the Uk's best selling face primer i.e. W7 Prime Magic Photo Ready Face Primer. To know more about my thoughts on it, continue reading.

W7 Prime Magic Face Primer

 I've tried hard to search about the company but I've not got any information but from youtube video's a lot of youtube guru's raving about it and using it in their videos. I've had some very pleasant experience.

W7 Prime Magic Face Primer

 My Verdict 

Since I've oily skin and combination/oily skin people definitely need face primer prior foundation application to control oil production and allows makeup to stay for a longer period of time before sliding or fading off. Without face primer my makeup usually starts sliding off after 3-4 hours and sometimes every after 2 hours after makeup application if the weather is humid.

W7 Prime Magic Camera Ready Face Primer comes in 30 ml clear plastic tube. It is a clear viscous primer without any scent. It looks pretty heavy but smooths on the skin like dream, the thickness of the primer makes it ideal to use just a blob and it does glide and settle on skin very quickly by minimizing those fine lines and pores and makes your face velvety smooth and soft within seconds. I did  feel my skin bit oily at times when I skipped my primer part but this W7 Prime Magic mattifies my whole face just in seconds even without having my oil controlling moisturizer underneath primer which I could never do that before until I got this Prime Magic. And it do reminds me of Smash Box Camera Ready Face Primer.

It minimized my pores beautifully and I've noticed makes my foundation to glides smoothly and even better then before along with a dream blending. My skin does feel/looks smoother and velvety soft when touch. As for application just squeeze out the small blob of Primer Magic and apply it on face. Wait for 20-30 seconds to set and seeps into skin well prior applying foundation on skin. Magically it does prevent my foundation to get oxidized on my face as its some what helped preventing it which is another added plus factor for me.

For staying power, I've no complains at all. I had to touch-up after every 3-4 hours to combat my oil production that seeping through my foundation. But with this, I HAVE to say my makeup stays matte all day without any touch-ups. My makeup goes even better, stays on better and looks even best too. I've got couple of other primers too but so far this is the one who is winner for me. And on top thanks god the product is odorless means no smells of those strong/faint scents at all and as it is loaded with silicone's so far it hasn't broke me out or clogged my pores either.

 W7 Prime Magic Face Primer Swatch
 W7 Prime Magic Face Primer Blended

W7 Prime Magic Face Primer Blended And Foundation Applied

Over all this is a winner for me and I'm definitely going to repurchase it as it is a hit for those having oily/combination skin type who are looking for a budget friendly primer that mattifies skin for a longer period of time without any added touch-ups.

My Rating 

You Might Like It

  • You are looking for a primer that mattifies your skin for a longer period of time.
  • You have oily/combination skin.
  • You want primer that reduces your fine-lines and pores.
  • You want a budget friendly primer.
  • You want to make your foundation lasts longer without any added touch-ups.
  • You want velvet smooth and flawless base for foundation application.
  • You want your foundation blends flawlessly.
You Might Not Like It

  • You have normal/dry skin.
  • You are allergic with silicone's.
  • You don't like matte finish.
  • Availability may be an issue.

W7 Prime Magic Face Primer comes with a price tag of £2.49 and you can get it from   or any drug store in UK . As far for people living in Pakistan can get it from one online shopping website but I'm not going to recommend that any of my readers to shop from there as they sell counterfeit high end makeup brands 

Have you used Primer Magic Camera Ready Primer? What do you think about it?

26 comments on "W7 Prime Magic Face Primer [Review and Swatches]"
  1. Great review, I'm currently looking for a new primer, I'm using Boot's no.7 at the moment but I find it too hard to apply and very sticky.

  2. This sounds quite good! It's always important that your primer doesn't clog up your skin or cause you to break out!

  3. Primer are always a challenge for drier skin..don´t know why, but only companies seem to pay attention to that..too bad, looks like a great product though!


  4. I'm not big on silicone primers, but this brand is affordable and seems quite good x

  5. Haven't heard about this product but this sure good to those who have oily skin :)

  6. i love primers! and i should give this a try!

    xo Sarvin

  7. Wow, a winner for the oilies!:) Great review. xx

  8. Face primers work for me very well actually. My skin is oily & I don't want my skin to sink in a heap of oil when going outdoors. Sana your review prompts me to buy this, love.

    Designer Clothing Online

  9. It looks good, and very interesting. For the moment, I use face primer occasionally.

  10. well affordable and works too.Wow great pick sana.Love the reveiw and swatch photo.stay blessed

  11. "Face primers work for me very well actually. My skin is oily & I don't want my skin to sink in a heap of oil when going outdoors. Sana your review prompts me to buy this, love.

    Designer Clothing Online"

  12. "Face primers work for me very well actually. My skin is oily & I don't want my skin to sink in a heap of oil when going outdoors. Sana your review prompts me to buy this, love.

    Designer Clothing Online"

  13. woww would love to give it a try , nice review x

  14. Great post! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. :) http://anjelais.wordpress.com/

  15. Thanks for reviewing this otherwise i wouldn't have known about it, I was intending to buy the Smashbox primer but I think i'll go for this first :)

  16. Thanks for sharing I really need this one will buy soon :)

  17. Havent yet used a primer that doesnt clog my pores. Ur post's making me take another risk! Will comment again if I try it!

  18. i am new to makeup ..this is a useful review ...i gotta try this!

  19. I have heard about it, but haven't tried it yet. Thanks for sharing your review about it.

  20. Thank you for this review! I have always wanted to try this primer but I have never gotten to it. Now I think I will buy it online :)


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