What's In my Bag??

Sunday, March 24, 2013

For a girl it is always important what she is carrying in her purse and lately I've seen/read lots of posts on What's in my Bag? On different blogs and on youtube as well and I love to peep inside other's bag too along with allowing you all to give you authority to take sneak peak inside my bag.
The bag I'm carrying these days is Christian Dior Tote Bag and I simply love this bag so much. The reason being this bag has been on my wishlist since SO long and dad gifted me this when I visited Dubai. The color I got is beige and it's super classy and super chic. I admit price is a big steep but it's worth having every single penny. I love Christine Dior accessories along with their bags especially cause I just can't rave about them cause I'm one proud owner of it :-D


Now let's peep inside the bag :

  • Chanel Clutch Wallet - I've got this black beauty from The Mall Of Dubai from Chanel outlet and I use to keep my money, debit cards and my beauty cards etc.
  • Sun Glasses - They are from Armani, I really have no idea about the collection but it's from their permanent collection I guess and the reason why I picked it up cause of it's color PINK. 
  • Samsung MP3 Player - I love to have it with me all the time where ever I go, any time of the day and any place. I'm a music freak indeed.
  • Keys - I usually kept my home keys, room keys in one key-ring.
  • Cell Phone - I can't live without my iPhone and it is a essential part of my life and ME.
  • Pens - You never know when you get in need of them.
  • Sticking Notes - Just to write on something important.
  • Scarf Pins -  To place my hijab/scarf on place.

I don't like to overload my bag with tons and tons of makeup items. I've some selected products in my bag. The makeup I contain is:

  • Luscious Whitening Base SPF 35.
  • Rachel K CC Cream Original. 
  • Luscious Secret Studio Concealer.
  • Ellis Faas Compact Powder.
  • Ellis Faas Blush in S302.
  • Rachel K CC Pressed Powder.
  • Maybelline Colossal Kajal.
  • NYX Round Lipstick in Taupe.
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo.
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Glassy Gloss in Raspberry Meringue.
  • Lip Smacker Lip Blam in Berry Kiss.
  • W7 Big Lash Mascara.


  • Travalo Perfume Atomizer containing 65 sprays of my favorite perfume.
I don't carry hundreds and hundreds of things in my bag but just keep minimal products cause I don't like heavy bags at all as they kills me.

So this is all I carry in my bag usually. What's in your bag??

18 comments on "What's In my Bag??"
  1. i love the mini perfume,your wallet and your PINK glasses.Thank you for the sneak peek dear.it was fun

  2. i like how you keep it simple, my bag houses a clutter:/ loved reading your post! i so wana try san paolo!!! :) xx

  3. Such an interesting post! You bag is very classy. x

  4. This was a fun post:) how come you don't carry a blush? I carry 2 in my bag!:p xx

  5. Hey, its a pretty different post that's why I love it. Well, this is pretty much amazing; didnt know about the atomizer yet.And definitely you like to peak inside in curiosity.

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  6. Hey, its a pretty different post that's why I love it. Well, this is pretty much amazing; didnt know about the atomizer yet.And definitely you like to peak inside in curiosity.

    How to shop online

  7. Oooh what an interesting post, my bag is a huge mess right now and this has inspired me to organise it. :)

  8. My bag needs a clear out after seeing this post!

  9. I did a video plus a blog post about this last month. I actually had to film my video like 3 times and on the day that I manged to do so, my bag was mega full haha.

  10. What a cute bag! I love the mini perfume! :)

  11. well organized & beautiful & same feelings i've fo ma c'fone , luvly post sana:)


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