Born Pretty Nail Art Stamping Kit [Review]

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I didn't know Nail Art Stamping is so much fun!!!

Stamping Metal Plate Polish Nail Art W/3 Pcs Nail Stamp


2 pcs metal plates
Metal Plates Ship by RANDOM
3 pcs nail stamp polish
1 stamper and 1 scraper
Color of the nail polish: Red, white, black
Very easy to use! Perfect nail art stamping kit

My Verdict 

I don't know whether you guys out there know that I'm not one for nail art or stamping or any kind of nail part person. Nail polishes are the last thing on which I agree to spend on as I'm really not that talented or patient. I've got a chance to do a review on Born Pretty Store and I had to chose something under 10$, trust me that was not TOO easy as they are having whole lot a bunch of goodies to choose from and I had a real hard time. I choose Stamping Metal Plate Nail Art Kit and trust me I don't even know the basics of stamping and honestly say the results weren't that fantastic as I was hoping reason being I'm completely not into that nail art thing. Here's what Stamping Metal Plate Nail Art Kit looks like :

Kit includes :

Born Pretty Nail Art Stamping Kit
  • 2 pieces of metal plates (Random designs).
  • 3 peices of stamping polishes (Black, red & white)
  • 1 stamper and 1 scaraper.
The kit is fairly simple to use. It just took practice, practice and practice.
Stamping Plates 

Despite the smaller size of the plates, the actual images stamped really very well. I was surprised to see how the stamping polishes settled into the designs, how they picked up the designs and they scrap off nicely too. Overall the plates are very nice and made of a good steel. In my opinion they are a fantastic dupe of Konad stamping plates.

Stamping Plates

Scrapper and Stamper 

The scarpper was of the plastic and gave a real hard time. It left streaks of polish that we so thick that it can transfer to the stamper and then on the nails - not so good.

Stamper and Scrapper

The stamper is amazing though. It's of a normal size and the rubber end picked up the image and transferred it on nails pretty well. It has super short handle but absolutely have no problem in using it although it looks super cute.

Stamping Polishes 

Stamping Polishes

Ok!!! This is the least something I was expexcting but to my surprise they worked like a charm for me. They were quite opaque and pigmented enough to be stamped on nails. 

On my nails, I used White and black stamping polishes on my bare nail over top coat to give you all a better look and idea. Oh!! and here are 6th, 7th try and this is what I ended up with after 1st attempt:    

Nail Art 1st Attempt
7th Attempt
7th Attempt

Still I'm not happy with my effort and I know I need to do A LOT of practice but I enjoy doing it now as I can customize designs and patterns according to my own mood and taste but oh well!! still there's a room left for improvement.

You Might Like It 

  • You are a fan of nail art.
  • You don't want to invest in higher brands nail art stamping kits.
  • You are stamping fan.
  • You want to have wide range of nail art to choose from.
  • You are a beginner.
You Might Not Like It 

  • You are not into nail art.
  • You may find it hassle.
  • You like to select stamping palette of your own.
My Rating 


 Stamping Metal Plate Nail Art Kit 8.77$ and can be purchase from there website here. The price is extremely affordable in my opinion as if you have been thinking or crazy about stamping/nail art but have not yet invested in Konad or other expensive nail art kits it's a better and cheaper alternative way to get your hands on as Born Pretty store has a wide range of nail art goods to select from. You can also availe 10% amazing discount using code QEL91 with Free World Wide Shipping .

What do you think about it ? Are you a nail art fan ?

11 comments on "Born Pretty Nail Art Stamping Kit [Review]"
  1. OH really interesting kit!
    Now I´m following you in Bloglovin´
    i hope your follow me back.

  2. Wow very NEAT and clean art, looks great :)

  3. At least the end result turned out to be real pretty :) Particularly the ones with just the top coat.

  4. This is very budget friendly kit for a stamping beginner! Great stamping designs. x

  5. i tried these some time back & now its somewhere in my stash! No time for such things now lol :D Ur work is pretty <3

  6. i am not a nail art fanatic so i have tried stamping kits yet but after seeing your review i think i should give it a go! would love if you'd stop by my blog!

  7. This is really cool! The results came out so pretty.

  8. I love nail art stamping, gives an edge to your nails:)

  9. These are too good aren't they :) the polishes all look awesome!! I feel like I wanna try nail art someday..Nice review ! xx :D


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