Hello Glow Rose Dust Anti-aging Facial Cleansing Polish [Review]

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I've been constantly raving about this little gorgeous beauty on my instagram if you have been following me there. Today's post is going to be about this little gorgeous beauty Hello Glow Rose Dust Anti-Aging Cleansing Polish. To find out more keep on reading.

Hello Glow Rose Dust Anti-aging Facial Cleansing Polish
Hello Glow Rose Dust Anti-aging Facial Cleansing Polish

Rose Dust Anti-aging Facial Cleansing Polish

Hello Glow Rose Dust Anti-aging Facial Cleansing Polish

A luxrious blend of rose petal powder milk and honey, that glides over skin to cleanse and polish. 100% natural combination of pure rice powder, milk, potato starch, rose petal powder, honey and coconut milk powder.

Rose have been used for centuries in skin care. Rose petals contain carotene, B group vitamins, citamin C and ascorbic acid. This combination smooths, tones and moisturises skin. Milk contains the exfoliator lactic acid, which gently loosens dead skin. This is combined with rice, which is rich in ceramide to stimulate collagen production and help diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Coconut milk nourishes the skin and honey acts as a natural humectant attracting moisture to leave skin smooth and glowing. The rich concentration of Vitamin C in potato starch gently lightens pigmentation and dark circles around the eyes.

How To Use
Hello Glow Rose Dust Anti-aging Facial Cleansing Polish

Pour onto wet hands, rub palms togather to create a smooth paste, gently massage onto skin for 20 seconds and rinse off with cold water to reveal a radiant complexion.

Hello Glow Rose Dust Anti-aging Facial Cleansing Polish

My Verdict 

The luxurious blend of rose petals along with milk and honey is simply divine. I fell in love with it as soon as I got it and I have been using for about 3 weeks now and I guess it's about the time to knuckle down and express my love for this little gorgeous pink beauty.

Rose dust has more or less same ingredients as their Whitening Plus Facial Polish has but only difference in these two is the addition of crushed rose petals in Rose Dust anti-aging facial polish which gives it a real divine and quite uplifiting aroma. Rose Dust  is a 100% natural blend of Roses, Coconut milk powder, milk, honey, pure rice powder, potato starch and milk solids along with honey and rose petals glides over skin to cleanse and polish skin effortlessly without leaving any harsh and chemical loaded residues.For years and years and generations to generation roses are known to be in skin care regime as it's loaded with Vitamin C, Group-B Vitamins and Ascorbic Acid. Having dried and crushed rose petals in it bound to leave your skin well moisturised, even-toned and smooth. Also high level Vitamin C presents in Potato Starch ensures to lightened those ugly pigments and dark circle around eyes results having lightened and more radient complexion. And as it is having rice powder which is rich in Ceramid who bounds to stimulate our collagen production and help diminsh the fine line appearance and wrinkles.

From my mom's experience since she has few wrinkles and fine lines around her naso-labial folds (laughing lines) it worked like a charm on her. I readily can see and feel the difference. Her skin got visible results right after few use and when she ended up the whole bottle I was stunned and amazed as her complexion got improved, skin looked radiant, moisturised, smooth and softer along with having new light and luminousity. She also stated that the powder feels so gentle and easy to work with as the powder is finely milled so she can pour out without any difficulty and upon doing massage on face it feels nothing but a finely milled mixture of rose petals mixed with rose water.

As, from my experience I absolutely love it. Though I don't have wrinkles or fine lines but I can't neglect the fact that it does makes my skin radient, smooth and a lot more softer but yeah I really don't think it has made difference to earse wrinkles or fine line may be cause it's not that strong enough but yeah as a matter of fact it does it's POLISHING part quite well and it may help delay the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging if you continue using it.

As for packging, I LOVED it. It's so gorgeous with little diamantes on bottle and it's PINK <3. It's so cute and girly and travel friendly.

Overall, Rose Dust is a magical product for my mom and for me. For her, cause she is really not into all that skin care regime and she doesn't believe on it too but after getting into pampering session with Rose Dust she actually loved it now. And for me, it's good cause of it's Polishing properties along with having all natural and safe ingredients as it evens out skin tone along with giving you a lot of mositure and young youthful glow.

You Might Like It 

  • You like exfoliator mild to your skin.
  • You like something that polishes your skin instantly without being loaded with chemicals.
  • You have mature skin.
  • You have visible signs of aging.
  • You want it even out your skin tone and make your skin radiantly beautiful.
  • You like natural products.
  • You don't like harmful chemicals in your facial polish cleanser.
  • You like rose aroma therapy.
  • You expecting it to lighten your blemishes and dark circles.
You Might Not Like It

  • You want something that completely earse signs of aging and wrinkles.
  • You expecting polishing glow for a longer time.
  • You find it expensive.
My Rating


Hello Glow Rose Dust Anti-aging Facial Cleansing Polish is priced 4.99  can be purchased from The Global Mart and Rose Link UK along with free delivery. And if you are living in Pakistan you can get it from Just4girls.pk for 650 PKR.

Have anyone of you tried it yet? What do you have to say about it?

This product sent to me for PR and however has not affected my opinion at all I have given my 100% genuine and honest about the product mentioned in the post above . 

15 comments on "Hello Glow Rose Dust Anti-aging Facial Cleansing Polish [Review]"
  1. Wow, this product sounds amazing. I love the packaging it's too cute!

  2. Nice review. I am waiting for mine to arrive after your pictures on instagram. xx

    1. Rabeeyah, You will be thrilled I'm sure!!! So far Im loving and really thinking to get Hello Glow other products to try them out xxxx

  3. What a beautiful product! I'm totally intrigued.

  4. loveley review Sara...
    do you think this product is good for oily skin ?

  5. Ive heard so much about this.. Definetly adding it to to my to be bought list haha

  6. I am hoping this product would be as good as previous ones by Hello Glow. Nice and detailed post. xx

    1. I've not tried other Hellow Glow products yet Sahrish but after trythin this I'm truly thinking to give them atleast a try x

  7. Hello darling!!
    Have to say that your blog is so original and a good inspiration, I really like your last post :)
    Come to my blog and give your opinion, i really appreciate it:

  8. I haven't seen a product like this before. It's a very good concept.

    1. You should try it out Arielle <3 You'll love it I'm sure xxx

    2. Sounds great, A very neat and a detailed review..Im so tempeted to buy this product! Hope my mom agrees :\

  9. I like rose aroma therapy ..

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