Spending Ban Update and Massive Haul [Part One]

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Phhheeewww!!! Finally a sigh of relief as my 100 Days Spending Ban is over. 
If you've been following my blog and twitter then you might know that I was on 100 Days Spending Ban (since Jan 1st 2013) and I got motivated after reading about it on All That Slap beauty blog by Grace and there were lots of others bloggers too who were in too but some just stopped doing the ban and some completed it to its core. 

Trust me last 100 days were not too EASY for me as there have been real hard times when I craved for new cosmetics and it becomes harder when you see things that you want but you can't buy just cause of the spending ban and cherry on top was those tempting SALES but I always had that impluse somewhere back in my head that 'No! I don't need it' although the resistance powder was so STRONG. Well to be honest I was amazed that I stuck with my spending ban and trust me on that note if I can do it, then anyonce can do it.

I've learned a lot of things in past 100 days. I've always been an implusive buyer I always shopped like crazy no matter I need it or not but I just bought cause of those tempting offers or sale or sometime JUST BECAUSE. I'd whole lot a things out there in my stash un-opened and un-touched as I'm always in hunt of something serves me better which is not so good for my wallet and that's the reason by stash is larger then I though. I have simply used them in spending ban and something I think I'm not going to use I gave them away in family. During the ban, trust me on that note I didn't buy any BEAUTY/MAKEUP product except some books, some shampoos, shower gel and face creams that's it so I'm assuming I didn't cheat. Oh yeah but I did buy a new phone only a week before the end of the ban.

 Finally, the ban is over I spend like crazy. It was something like lion out of cage and it's something that really soothes me after those hard 100 days. Apart from my iPhone I did make a crazy haul right after next day that my spanding ban got over. So far I still need to get 2 packages and I HAD to split my this MASSIVE haul in two parts :

Oh yes! I've got few PR samples in them too but they are not a part of my haul as I didn't buy them.

PR samples :

  • BeautyUk Blush and Brush Collection.
  • BeautyUK Dual Ended Eyeshadow Pencil.
  • Naked Minerals Kabuki Brush.
  • Ellis Faas spring eyeshadow collection.

I've bought Willow Blooms shower set for Mother's day for my mom from the Dubai Mall along with some Ellis Faas goods. I still need to get my NYX package and Mikyajy package which I probably will be including in second part or may be will make another haul post about it.

Doing this ban in my opinion one of the best things I've ever done and I'm hoping to change my ways and won't be a impulsive buyer the ban was also made easy because luckily I've got PR samples which gave me the opportunity to try new things out and thankfully going to end them sooner. If you are considering doing a spending ban then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, yes it gets hard at times but not as hard as you migh think and you may learn A LOT once the ban is over. As for me I'm going to do this again this summer for sure. I still have so much stuff to use up and for that reason I will be going on another 100 days ban.

Phew!!! this is it

What do you think about it? Have you been on spending ban lately?

15 comments on "Spending Ban Update and Massive Haul [Part One]"
  1. That is a seriously massive haul - but it is well earned! I think it's great that you learned so much during your ban.

  2. Wow, 100 days!! Congratz! And enjoy your products! Looks amazing!


  3. WOW!! Amazing goodies Sana, I myself am planning to give up impulsive shopping. X

    The Bedside Dreams

  4. Lol! Lion out of the cage. YEaah!! :D This really is MASSIVE! I don't think I can ever ban myself from shopping. I get tempted too easily, haha! :D

    1. Tell me about it Sara ;) I'm such an impulsive buyer seriously :-D

  5. Great post Sana and well done, 100 days definitely takes some will power but I see you've made up for it, lol. I was betted into a spending ban for the month of April and so far I've done well but there's is still a few days to go ;-P.

    Stay Stylish,

    TL. Xx
    Twynkle Loves

  6. Wow ElissFaas loves your blog, so many samples for review! Ahaha, love company love, that's brilliant!!

  7. Great Haul Sana..really a great collection. :)


  8. Replies
    1. Haha!!! Thank you ladies btw this is just one part :-D Another part of massive haul yet to come but oh well ;) :-D

  9. Wow huge haul! but totally worth it after your 100 days of horror :p xx

  10. This is such a massive haul!!! Well earned :D I cant imagine a life without shopping :'(


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