Happy Mother's Day!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Salute you my bella's!!! Mother's day is just here and unlike everyone I'm not going whine about how much I love my mom or what she meant to me.
As in my opinion every single child in the world loves his/her mom un-conditonally no matter what. I'm kind of a girl who is not so expressive hence, I'm not able to express my emotions, love, care and concern towards my mom at times but it doesn't mean I don't love her. Mom is kind of a person who is EXTRA cautious about me EVERYTIME and at EVERY step of life reason being I'm an only child of my parents.

Apparently, this is the reason why I'm so Stubborn and Spoiled Brat mainly cause of my Dad but oh well!!! Mom was a little responsible too :-D :-P 

I bought my mom quite a few things for Mother's Day and regretting it badly that they are not much enough. Have a look what I got fot her :

  • Willow & Blooms Bath Collection.

  • Elegant Jewellery Set 

  • Custom Made Gold Bangle Set from D'Damas Jewellers ( Dubai Gold Souq).

  • Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation
  • Ellis Faas Concealer.
  • Ellis Compact Powder.
  • Ellis Faas Blush &
  • Ellis Faas Creamy Lips.

 I can't raved enough how much I love my mom just want to say :

I never thank you enough for listening to me.
I never thank you enough for protecting me from the things I shouldn't do.
I never thank you enough for guiding me in the right direction.
I never thank you enough for putting up with my mood swings and arrogance.
I never thank you enough for without a doubt being there for me.
I never tell you enough how much I love you Mum.
You mean the WORLD to me, but I don't tell you enough.
But no matter what, I ALWAYS will love you Mum.
No matter what how much we argue, how much you anger me, I'll love you till the day I die and even after.

Tell you'r Mom's out there You'r Amazing <3 Happy Mother's Day To All Beautiful Mom's Out There <3 

8 comments on "Happy Mother's Day!!"
  1. Youre such a sweetheart! What you bought was lovely, its e thought that counts :)

  2. You picked lovely stuff for Mom, i am sure that she is more concerned your love behind this gift. <3

    Stay blessed <3

  3. Aww, these are great gifts. I hope that you mom has a great mother's day!

  4. awww.. such a warm post. Loved alllll the picks for ur mom. <3

  5. Love the jewelry ^^
    Im now following u on bloglovin! #gig

    Don't forget to check my anniversary giveaway!

  6. You picked lovely stuff for Mom, i am sure that she is more concerned your love behind this gift.

    Jewellers in Panchkula


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