Beautyuk Baked Box Collection no.3 Halo [Review & Swatches]

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ever since Beautyuk Baked Box Collection came in my mail, I've been using it quite often and I think it's a right time to post my thoughts on it as I already took quite an ample time before posting my reviews on it. Keep on reading to find more about it.

Beautyuk Baked Box Collection no.3 Halo

Beautyuk Baked Box Collection

The beautyuk baked-box collection brings healthy, holiday glow skin to the high street. Caputring sun-baked summer bliss in 4 iridescent shades that highligh and define with a veil of subtle shimmer. Complete with flip lid box a large mirrir for ease of application.

Beautyuk Baked Box Collection no.3 Halo
Beautyuk Baked Box Collection no.3 Halo
Beautyuk Baked Box Collection no.3 Halo

My Verdict 

I've got baked box collection blush in 03 Halo along with another shade 01 Popsical Pink (which came completely shattered so I had not to include it in review untill I fix it) around 8-9 weeks back when the Baked-box collection about to hit superdrug and boots. I know it's waaaaaaayy too late but not TOO late. What attracted me the most is it's packaging. The blush is housed in a cute magnetic square box having mirror inside which is great for touch-ups also great for travelling as magnetic closing preventing damage on a large scale and inhibits foreign particles getting in and contaminate the product by bacteria or viruses.

03 Halo is a very nice light shimmer-y beige shade and reminds me of my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle as soon as I open the box and upon swatching and then when I used it I instantly conclude that Halo is a real good dupe for MSF Soft and Gentle. Halo contain very fine silver/beige hint of frosted shimmer that lean towards a warmer gold frosting so I'd say it's more of a frosted illumunator for me rather than a blush cause I can't wear it alone as on my skin tone it appear as a frosted highlighter/illuminator so I need to pair it up with blush (I'm NC35 for reference). But I love the fact on the other hand that it works quite well how it's instantly glow up my face and gives a radiant glowy boost to it and I find it really flattering.
Beautyuk Baked Box Collection no.3 Halo
Beautyuk Baked Box Collection no.3 Halo

Now coming to an application and pigmentation I'd say it has nicely pigmented. Not much or not less but just something in between. For me it take minimum 2 swipes to build up the color which I don't find is bad either. The texture is something in between soft and hard and I'd not say you may get a dream blending but if you've a right brush in hands you are not going to have hard time blending it in as for me it's not so hard to blend it out. But ofcourse it may vary from skin color to skin color and skin texture. As far as wear time is concerned  it has a dencet wear time. Upto four to five hours on my whilst I'm having oily skin, is impressive for me .

Beautyuk Baked Box Collection no.3 Halo Swatch

You Might Like It
  • You like blusher with shimmer.
  • You like frosty finish.
  • You like baked blushes.
  • You are on budget.
  • You want your blush lasts long on you (4-5 hours).
You Might Not Like It

  • You like matte blush.
  • You want dream blending.
  • You want soft and silky smooth texture.
  • You want great pigmentation.
 My Rating


You can get Beautyuk Baked Box Collection from Beautyuk Official Website here for £3.99 as it's so cheap you can collect all four shades or if you are living in the UK you can found Beautyuk at all superdrug stores.

What do you think about Beautyuk Baked Box Collection? Have you tried any of the shade yet?

This product sent to me for PR and however has not affected my opinion at all I have given my 100% genuine and honest about the product mentioned in the post above .

27 comments on "Beautyuk Baked Box Collection no.3 Halo [Review & Swatches]"
  1. I love love love glowy products - Especially in the Winter since it brightens everything up and keeps your skin from looking dull. <3

  2. Love the shade! Looks perfect :D

  3. The packaging is so great. Also like a shade in between :)

  4. I've never tried baked blush before because tbh I dont really know what makes it different from normal blush ^^; Thx for the info, it looks pretty <3

  5. Never tried that one yet but seems like an affordable product :)

  6. great review, like always :> love the way that bronzer looks !
    check out my latest look:

  7. i haven't tried this brand of baked blush before. i have only tried milani's and its amazing!

  8. I love blushes with shimmer! but I never heard of this brand before...well I live in the Netherlands but my blog partner lives in the UK so maybe she knows...might have to give it a try... ;D

  9. I'm defo not a big fan of shimmers but this seems to look ok to me. <3 x

  10. I like the packaging a lot :)) But I am not sure how the color will look like on my skin tone.

  11. when I look at the picture I thought its a palette :) hehe.. The color is good, you can use it everyday ;) #GIG

  12. It looks so much better swatched! Ive never heard of this brand, the packaging looks cute so ill have to look into it!

  13. i actually like it and it looks easy to blend on skin ;)

    #GIGLove from

  14. this is new to my eyes! i think it is a nice product :)

    - from gig

  15. SOunds wonderful for summer, love products that make the skin glow:) xx

  16. Ooo love the packaging. I've never tried baked products. Although I'm not a big fan of blusher but this shimmery thing looks interesting. I'll probably try it someday. great review hun! xoxo

  17. this is cheap shimmer blush <3 i like the shade <3

  18. i like this color especially on dark skin like mine....i love the shinny shimmering shades....

  19. This looks intriguing <3!! I luv shimmery blushes and Im definetly gonna try this out!! Thanks for the review..Gud job as always:D


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