Important Oils And Other Natural Rosacea Treatments

Monday, September 30, 2013

Important Oils And Other Natural Rosacea Treatments

 Rosacea skin condition is a hereditarily inherited disease which affects generally men and women among the ages of 30 to 50. Mostly known as "adult acne", this condition can be extremely hurting and problematic to treat. Usually it is treated with antibiotics; rosacea skin condition can be aided with natural treatments.


At the beginning of rosacea skin condition red blotches may possibly appear on the face, making it seem as if the person having has got sunburnt. The skin of the face may perhaps be extremely dry and sensitive. As the skin condition gets worse, small pimples appear on the face, nose, cheeks, forehead and chin.

Rosacea skin problem affects women more than men; on the other hand, in case of men the skin condition is more dissimilar and frequently this results in adenoidal bumps which make the nose look as if inflamed and blemished. This is known as Rhinophyma. People who don’t have knowledge of this painful disease often heartlessly make judgment that a man with a red, swollen nose is a heavy drinker.

Moreover antibiotics and up-to-date ointments and creams, laser rosacea treatment is occasionally used to diffuse the small veins and redness on the face. In severe cases, surgery is used to treat rhinophyma. Antibiotics are a temporary cure and long prolonged usage of antibiotics can cause many other health problems.



Uncontaminated, healing grade vital oils can be used directly on the skin or they can be blended with jojoba carrier or sweet almond oils. Low grade, contaminated essential oils can worsen rosacea skin condition.

The finest essential oils to use for rosacea treatment consist of lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, chamomile, sandalwood, frankincense  and cedar wood.


At the University of California in San Francisco Dr. Tanveer Syed a skin specialist, informs that a cream comprising of a green tea extract known as polyphenone produces a seventy percent enhancement in rosacea matched with a sedentary cream.


 Insufficient riboflavin, produced by deficient dietary intake or poor absorption in the digestive system, may be connected with rosacea. Natural food which contains vitamin B2 includes nuts, fish, green leafy vegetables, legumes, probiotic yogurt & whole grains. B-Vitamins help essentially in rosacea treatment.


 Niacin amide, a type of vitamin B3, has been used topically for rosacea treatment. It is considered to develop the skin barrier, decrease inflammation and improve the skin's moisture level 


Rosehip sea oil is very gentle oil and is said to make stronger broken and spoiled capillaries and acts as an astringent to reduce and heal inflammation, and is a beneficial natural rosacea treatment.


 Glycyrrhizin - one of the chief ingredients in licorice is thought to back to the herb's numerous healing properties. This makes licorice extremely beneficial for rosacea treatment also test center studies have revealed that glycyrrhizin decreases redness and pacifies skin irritation.

People who suffer from rosacea should evade foods that may initiate this skin condition such as spicy foods, alcohol and coffee. A diet that consists sufficiently of vegetables, fresh fruits and a lot of water intake is highly recommended. Before using any product, it’s important for rosacea patients that they should seek the recommendation of a dermatologist.

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  1. Nice info! I never know what was this infection was before..

  2. Thanks! I always thought I had Roseacea, but I guess not. I just get red dicoloration after the shower and in pictures my skin tone is uneven. dont really know what it is, I only started to get random spots that come and go when it pleases...from sun, from chemicals, but it's not permanat. just doesnt look the greatest in pictures...but thanks! will try the oils on my face, see if that helps...

  3. Great article! I have rosacea and am interested in trying some of the treatments you posted. Thank you :)

  4. Thank you for this post! I think this puts into perspective the way we see people around us and how much we understand what skin issues they really have.

  5. Thanks alot for sharing its really very helpful <3 :)

  6. Thanks for the info my sister have acne problme she always worried about :/

  7. Ur post was very informative! Thanks for throwing light on Rossacea! Keep up the good work :) - Vimmy


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