Why Are Emerald Engagement Rings So Special? [Guest Post]

Friday, September 27, 2013

Who doesn't like to wear precious stones? At least in my case I love to wear them. Today I'm going to present you a guest post from GemPundit who are leading provider of loose gemstones and colored gemstone jewelry.

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Why Are Emerald Engagement Rings So Special?

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life and why not? It's Your wedding! The celebration of love, the coming together of two bodies and one soul. It's a whole a new beginning. To mark this union and make it extraordinary people wear engagement rings. Gorgeous, striking rings that are a display of eternal love. However, it might all sound easier than it is. The D-day involves a lot of chaos and this includes the tedious but crucial task of picking out that perfect engagement ring.

While there's always the usual twin-hearts shaped rings or the regular precious stones cuts, round or oval shaped but one of the most preferred choices is the Emerald stone engagement rings. Emerald is a gem with many excellent features and has very unique and special characteristics. You'll find emerald rings in every cut, shape, and design you can think of.

So when it comes to engagement rings, what other that the choicest emerald, or what is more commonly known as the Panna Stone?  Read on to find out a few things you should consider before buying engagement rings with emerald gemstone

First things first, there is a difference between emerald engagement rings and emerald cut engagement rings. Clearly, an emerald engagement ring is one where the emerald stone is used as the center stone. While on the other hand, an emerald cut engagement ring is a diamond ring, except that the diamond is cut in a square shape which is the popular cut/shape of an emerald. This is one crucial piece of information that you must keep in mind.

When choosing your ring, also remember that emeralds come from beryl which is a mineral that gets its green color from traces of chromium or vanadium. Keep in mind that Emeralds are gems that are easily breakable so it is necessary to have a secure setting for the stone. Here are three things that you must remember while picking out your engagement ring. 

3 Things You Should Know - 

Color and Transparency -
While the stone should be a rich green, they must also be transparent. This feature highlights the quality and purity of the Emerald. When selecting the color, remember that most emeralds have a primary hue of green but a secondary shade of either yellow or blue. If you see a light green stone, it could actually be green beryl and not an emerald! A genuine and superlative quality emerald stone is a rich yet transparent hue of green.

Inclusions - 

This isn't necessarily a problem or a shortcoming in terms of quality but you must know that the most expensive emeralds have no visible inclusions. This stone is never clean, in terms of clarity. It takes a thousands years to form thus it always contains some blemishes or inclusions. The inclusions are considered as the part of the stone and are very well accepted in the gemstone industry.

Cut -

Cutting is a very crucial aspect as a good cut enhances the colour of the stone and augments its worth in terms of money. The shape of the emerald stone, round, square or oval will also help determine what type of ring setting to get for your precious stone. The most preferred cut, however, is the emerald cut. This cut enhances the colour of the stone in the best possible way and is actually a rectangular step cut.
It's important to always possess some knowledge about the gemstone you wish to buy. This helps you when it comes to gaining value for money as well as in deciding what stone suits your purpose the most. This unique stone is full of hope, energy and love. It makes for the perfect engagement ring since it is believed to offer marital bliss as it harnesses mutual love and harmony among the partners.

What do you think about it? Are you going to wear Emerald on your engagement day? 
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  1. Emerald rings are gorgeous and so unique for a wedding ring!


  2. I love emerald! These are so beautiful...great post!


  3. I love the idea of either an emerald or sapphire ring. :)

  4. Nice post! You blog is lovely!


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  7. Looks great :D
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  8. I heard many times about the stones and was very curious to know about them. Very informative post. Emerald stone jewelry looks very precious. We can wear that jewerly with traditional salwar kameez or wedding dresses like:
    Nice Post !!

  9. Emeralds is my mother's favorite gemstone. She loves green so much, and this ring is so pretty!

  10. beautifull rings ,i love the color of Emerald...

  11. I love emeralds! One day I will own one, for sure! They are a fascinating little rock, aren't they. I think they are special because green is a color soothing to the eye, more than others, when it comes to jewelry.

  12. One day I'm going to own an emerald. I have to. They are just too beautiful!

  13. These rings are gorgeous. I did not realize until just recently that natural emeralds are considered more rare and expensive than diamonds of equal size and quality.

  14. Enerald is my favorite stone! I hope someday I can afford one or someone will give it to me as a present))

  15. Beautiful rings. I love emerald because its my daughters birthstone.

    Michelle F.


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