Essence Lipstick [Review and Swatches]

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Essence is not an unknown brand and popular because of its economical price, availability and vast range of products. I'm going to share my thoughts about two of their lipsticks.

Essence Lipstick

Thanks to the exact color-coded packaging, reaching for your favorite shade is now even easier. Available in five new and a total of 10 colors.

Essence Lipstick in 03 Sparkling Angel and 40 Look At Me
Essence Lipstick in 03 Sparkling Angel and 40 Look At Me
  Essence Lipstick in 03 Sparkling Angel and 40 Look At Me
Essence Lipstick in 03 Sparkling Angel and 40 Look At Me
Essence Lipstick in 03 Sparkling Angel and 40 Look At Me Swatches
Essence Lipstick in 03 Sparkling Angel Swatch
Essence Lipstick in  40 Look At Me Swatch

My Verdict

To be honest, I really enjoyed checking and using Essence products cause of their super affordable yet good quality products. I've got two Essence lipsticks in shade 03 Sparkling Angel and 40 Look At Me. If I consider a price, I'd say I'm impressed with the packaging. It doesn't feel cheap and I love the idea of color coded packaging matches the shade of the lipstick.

03 Sparkling Angel is very pretty pink nude shade having a luster finish to it with a decent pigmentation and color payoff. The coverage is sheer, however built-able. 40 Look At Me is a warm flesh brown shade having micro-glitter scattered across it. The color translates as a sheer fleshy nude with a decent pigmentation and color payoff. These are quite moisturizing, but on the other hand completely lacking opacity in just single swipe. I need to swipe them three to four times to get the desired opacity and coverage. I love the fact, that they apply so smoothly on lips, non-drying and no tugging regardless having glitter in them doesn't feel gritty.The consistency is creamy but definitely not TOO creamy.

The wear time is quite decent. They lasts on me for about two, three hours without eating/drinking and having lip liner underneath you can stretch the wear time up-to three hours. But if you are having dry/flaky lips you need to exfoliate your lips prior its application or lip balm underneath as despite the moisturizing formula glitter and luster finish lipsticks tend to be on the drier side. They have a slightly sweet vanilla smell which I completely adore but if you are into scent free products this might bother you. There seems to be a good range of color available is such an affordable price tag so you can experiment with colors without any fear.

You Might Like It

  • You are on budget.
  • You like luster finish.
  • You are into glitter lipsticks.
  • You want to experiment with the shades.
  • You like non-drying, no-tugging formula.
  • You want to have a decent wear time.
  • You like smooth finish.
You Might Not Like It

  • You are having dry/flaky lips.
  • You may found the formula is bit drying being a luster finish lipstick.
  • You want a long-wear formula.
  • You like scent free products.

My Rating


Essence lipsticks priced 360PKR and can be purchases from or from any Essence counter nationwide. You can get them from Ulta or Target if you are living in USA or you can get them from your nearest drugstore or essence counter if you are in living in Europe.

So what do you think about it? Have you tried anything from Essence yet?

39 comments on "Essence Lipstick [Review and Swatches]"
  1. Ohh i LOVE these colors! they look gorgeous! Your pics are amazing!

  2. Sparkling Angel looks really beautiful on you! :)

  3. Despite not liking sparkling color, these are very subtle.

  4. Beautiful colors! I love the Look at me shade!

  5. I like the colors of the lipstick. Thanks for the review.

  6. Loving these two shades! Thank you for dropping by my blog. To answer your question: Yes! Please follow me & let me know. I follow back. :) Hugs!!! T.

  7. beautiful colors i would like to try them on!

  8. I like these shades! I haven't tried these, though I think due to the dryness I'll pass. Too bad, as I do like the color.

  9. wow, they look brighter and 'plastic' but in the lips they look natural and subtile :)

  10. When applied they have a really nice finish, unlike the first impression before you put them on. Thanks for this review. I think I'll be keeping an eye out for their lipsticks in the future.

  11. oh i just love these essence lipsticks, i've got one myself

  12. A little bit too glittery for my liking, but I love the nude-ish shades!

  13. Although I like Essence (espeically their nail polishes) I still haven't tried these lipsticks. The shades look good on your lips, better than in the tube)

  14. I would use Look at me Swatch, I love nude shades and they are the ones I use the most :)

  15. they have a very subtile sparkle , i love nude shades like these

  16. looks pretty on you, but I don't really like shimmer >.< hope they have the creamy one

  17. I only buy MAC lipstick because it's the only brand we trust. But right now seeing that Essence lippies also are good, I might give it a try some time.

  18. Nice colour,looks nice on your lips especially that sparkling angel.

  19. Nice tone for a lipstick and it's not too overpowering.

  20. These looks gorg on you love it <3
    Good thing the shade is the same with what's on the package unlike other lippies. Thumbs up for that!
    Essence is pretty affordable. Im'ma try their lipstick soon.

    Thanks for sharing!

  21. Oh my goodness - I super love this! Would love to try it soon!

  22. i love the sparkling angel swatch , indeed beautiful.. hope i could find here in france

  23. I love nude-colored lipsticks! So this is something I like!

  24. Gorgeous shades!! looks wonderful on your lips! I want them all!! awesome pics as well =)


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