[HelloEveryBody] Remodeling Body Scrub in Real Berry [Review]

Friday, October 4, 2013

Summer is slowly and steadily comes to an end and the dead/flaky skin in winter is a major concern for most of us. I've been trying Remodeling Body Scrub for a while and I think its a right time to share my thoughts about it.

HelloEveryBody Remodeling Body Scrub in Real Berry

400gm features Rich mineral sea salt makes your skin brilliant. Remodeling body scrub has effective on exploiting dead skin cells. All in one Scrub+Hydrating+Slim Body. King of minerals Sea Salk is effective on exploiting dead skin cells and removing skin waste. It can make your skin firming. 

[HelloEveryBody] Remodeling Body Scrub in Real Berry
[HelloEveryBody] Remodeling Body Scrub in Real Berry
[HelloEveryBody] Remodeling Body Scrub in Real Berry
[HelloEveryBody] Remodeling Body Scrub in Real Berry
[HelloEveryBody] Remodeling Body Scrub in Real Berry [before application]
[HelloEveryBody] Remodeling Body Scrub in Real Berry [scrub applied]

[HelloEveryBody] Remodeling Body Scrub in Real Berry [scrub applied]

[HelloEveryBody] Remodeling Body Scrub in Real Berry [after application]

My Verdict 

I'm naturally blessed with a perfect smooth body skin *touch wood* but in winters I tend to get slightly dry and flaky which obviously is a bothersome for me. After The Body Shop's famous Body Scrubs this is the one who caught my attention right after its first use. Reason being, it's one of the best exfoliating body scrub I've tried till date and has excellent power to scrub 'away' dry and flaky skin.

I've got in a Real Berry variant and I absolutely adore it. The aroma is quite uplifting and refreshing that leaves you in a real berry world for a while. When you open the lid, you can easily find the spatula and when you remove the plastic lid you could sniff the sensual berry aroma. The quantity is good enough to last you for about two, three months easily if you scrub bi-weekly. It comes in a huge 400gm jar which is not travel friendly at all but alongside you are getting quite an ample amount of body scrub to use. The scrub contains Sodium Chloride for whitening, Jojoba for moisturizing, Real Berries for whitening and moisturizing , Peppermint for whitening, Sage for relaxing, Rosemary as astringent and a Rose for relaxing.

The consistency is on slightly on the runny side because of jojoba oil but that is perfectly acceptable to me as I used to scoop a scrub out of the jar instead of using my fingers. I've been using it once in a week. I usually damp my body and spread it evenly on the skin. It contains sea salt mineral but it doesn't dissolve so quickly, that's why you don't need a large quantity. The scrub salt granules that don't feel abrasive to skin at all, but yeah! If you've recently done with your body wax or threading you might feel some itching or burning sensation. Better, to use it after a day or two of body wax/thread. After I spread this into the water, it just feels great and whenever I use it I easily can feel that it effectively cleans, hydrates, tones, nourishes and protects my skin just in ONE step. I use it in the shower, rub myself down with it, rinse and let my body air dry. I'd been amazed to see that it didn't rip off the natural oil from my body instead leaving my body completely hydrated and moisturizer that I don't need an additional moisturizer after shower.

I've to say, this scrub is a ''GENIUS'' because the scrubbing action is just great and I can actually feel the dead skin and body flakes are getting off and revealing new, pretty smooth, toned and fair skin in no time without leaving any greasy cast or residues. Since then I've started using it, I'm enjoying my shower time the most. My skin does feel quite toned up, squeaky clean and moisturized. In one word, I'm ''Hooked''.

You Might Like It

  • You've dry/flaky skin.
  • You like berry aroma.
  • You want to get sea salt body scrub.
  • You want to have a silky touch.
  • You want a scrub that hydrates.
  • You want a scrub that tones up the skin.
  • You want something natural for your skin.
  • You want to invest in a body scrub product.

You Might Not Like It

  • You've oily skin.
  • Availability may be an issue.
  • You find the aroma is quite over-powering.
  • You are not into berries.
  • You may find it pricey.
  • You don't like scooping out of a jar.

My Rating


I've got HelloEveryBody Remodeling Body Scrub from WishTrend for 33.99$ but I'm so sad that they've discontinued it. If anyone of you know any website or store selling this please let me know as I'd love to re-purchase it.

Have you tried body scrubs? Which is your favorite? 

 This product sent to me for PR and however has not affected my opinion at all I have given my 100% genuine and honest about the product mentioned in the post above .
59 comments on "[HelloEveryBody] Remodeling Body Scrub in Real Berry [Review]"
  1. I looove body scrubs- my skin feels so soft afterwards!!


  2. I love a good body scrub! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one :)

  3. I really like that you tell both the pros and cons of this scrub. It helped me figure it out easily if I would like this product. The berry aroma sounds perfect for me!

  4. Oh I would love to test this product straight away!
    Mafalda ❤

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    Big kiss!

  6. I love body scrubs!!! This one looks lovely ^^


  7. I love body scrubs. This one looks scrumptious!

  8. How do you get the ideas for such a sensational posts!
    Great! I love it!

    Katherine Unique

  9. I am gonna give this a skip...I have an oily skin :(
    Beautifully reviewed dear,.. <3

  10. I love body scrubs will definitely have to try this one!

  11. I love body scrubs! Will have to give this one a try :)

  12. I'm addicted to body scrubs, and this product seems great!

    Secrets Of Camille ❤

  13. Oh, I love body scrubs! I bet this one smells amazing! The texture looks good too!

  14. I had to re-read everything. At first look of the pictures, I thought it was some kind of dessert. LOL *yummy

    It looks like a good product but on that price tag, I have to pass on this.

  15. I love the idea of this fab body scrub! Great beauty tip!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  16. this looks like a really awesome product! I think I may have to look into it!!! Thank you so much for telling us about it!!

  17. Lovely! Im obsessed with scrubs!!! Love the feeling after using them :)



  18. I would love to try the body scrub...real berry sounds good to my ears. Would you like to follow each other on , Bloglovin and GFC? Please let me know if you're interested.

    Louisa Moje

  19. i love to trying out body scrub, if it just available on my country, i would like to try this one too :D

  20. Owh, that sounds really good!I love everything that smells good :D

  21. It does looks good! I'm not much into body scrub because I'm the super lazy type...

  22. Nyc review! i will try this one looks grt Thanks for sharing :)

  23. Is it easily available? never seen it in any big store :s

  24. This looks awesome, I'm totally interested in trying it now

  25. Oh I would like to try it so much! Looks great and probably smells great too!

  26. Nice review! :) I also like using body scrub once a week to exfoliate. Will try this one too.

  27. Wow!! It's cool.
    maybe someday I'll try it. thanks for the review :)

  28. I love body scrubs but I 've never tried berry scrub thanks for the review.

  29. I love body scrubs but I've never tried berry scrub. I love how it makes my smooth and moistured.

  30. I love body scrubs but I've never tried berry scrub. I like how it makes my skin smooth and moisturized.

  31. I love body scrubs, especially the one for the acne skin. Thanks for the review!

  32. I need bodyscrubs so badly in the winter, as my skin gets dry. It's nice to see one that really moisturizes.

  33. Looks good! My favourite is rose sugar body scrub.

  34. Th only bad thing about this scrub is that it's unavailable in my counry(

  35. wow it looks good. but a little bit pricey. yes I love wishtrend too

  36. Summer is long gone, but winter dryness is well under way. I so need this for my super dry skin. It'd probably feel good rubbed all over my legs and back too. I'm really craving a good exfoliation.

  37. I could really use that on my hands during the winter time.

    Michelle F.


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