Spring/Summer Makeup [Tutorial]

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Earlier this summer, I'd posted my Spring/Summer Eye Look and I'd gotten quite a lot of queries and e-mails to post a step by step tutorial and full makeup look. So here it is and I suppose you are going to enjoy it ^_^

I've marked the step so that you can understand easily. 

Spring/Summer Makeup Tutorial
  1. Bare eye.
  2. After putting concealer on I've applied eye primer. Dabbed some on eyelid and some on the lower eyelid as well.
  3. I've applied NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk.
  4. I've applied scotch tape for a crisp V and applied matte purple eye shadow on 1/4 of the outer eyelid.
  5. I've taken shimmery coral shade and applied on the inner corners.
  6. Taking less shimmery medium shade of purple and applying in between matte purple and shimmery coral.
  7. I've applied matte turquoise shade on outer 3/4th crease and blend it nicely.
  8. Then I've taken matte yellow pigment and applied it on inner 1/4th crease. 
  9. Blend , blend, blend. Blend everything nicely so that there will no harsh lines.
  10. Take highlighter shade (I've taken flesh tone beige) for the brow bone. And blend again.
  11. Applied gel eyeliner.
  12. I've taken a jade green pigment on wet brush and applied to my lower lash-line and then used a NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk for the wide awakening effect.
  13. Curled my lashes.
  14. Applied a coat of mascara and falsies to finish the look.
Here's final look :

Final Look

For eyes I've used :
  • MUA Professional Eye Primer.
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk.
  • Beauties Factory 15 Color Camouflage Concealer Paletter.
  • Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Brown Black.
  • Beauties Factory 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 2nd Edition.
  • Romantic Eye 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette.
  • Maybelline Lasting Studio Drama Gel Eyeliner.
  • W7 Big Lash Mascara.
  • Lashem Double Trouble Mascara (Lengthening Mascara).
  • Mister Mascara Eyelash Curler.
  • Model 21 Eyelashes no. 31.

Final Look

 For face I've used :

For lips I've used :

  • Rimmel lasting finish 1000 kissed lip contouring pencil in Natural.
  • MAC lipstick in Chatter Box.
  • Pupa Milano lip perfection splendor in ''7''. 

I hope you like it. Do let me know your feed back, suggestions and requests ^_^
96 comments on "Spring/Summer Makeup [Tutorial]"
  1. Wow I admire your detailed steps! Makes it super easy to follow. Love the eye make-up, although it's a lot of color but for me it works well and really beautiful eye make-up.

    1. Thank you so much for appreciation and stopping by Laine <3

  2. Love the lots of colors you used. Can you do a tutorial for makeup at work?

    1. Sure Sidd !!! I'll try to post it up ASAP :) Thanks for the suggestion xxx

  3. woowww eye makeup is just Perfect .. lukin gorgeous <3
    follow back :) arbbeautyblog.blogspot.com

  4. I love the purple and green together! It looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  5. your eyes looks awesome *.* I love how the different colors look so good together! <3
    nice tutorial!

  6. Wow, this is one of the best posts I've read in a long time.
    So detailed! Perfect.
    I always wanted to try eyes like this but I could never do it without detailed instructions - now I can try :-)
    Thank you

    1. Awww!!! You made my day Agata :-) I'm so glad you find it helpful and detailed. Thank you so much for stopping by :-) xxx

  7. I lurrrrved this look the first time you posted it! Thanks for the tutorial eonni! <3

  8. I really like how the colors go well together. x

  9. I'm still falling for fall makeup looks - this is way too early for me, even though it's beautiful! ;)


    1. Thank you Jake .. In my country summer is on it's last swing though ;) xx

  10. great tutorial! love the colors you used, you look really pretty :D

  11. This look is so pretty on you! Thanks for the tutorial. I would never be brave enough to try a bold look like this without some step-by-step assistance. ;)

    1. Trust me, I'm not brave enough to put on bold colors but I love to experiment though :-)

  12. beautiful combinations! I love how they're fairy like but not overbearing :D Kumiko Mae, Filipina Beauty Blogger

  13. so beautyful, i love your tutorial, its easy to do :D

  14. Thanks for some great tips! I have never been very good at applying eye make up, and this looks like it will be a huge help!

  15. You look awesome. And I like your lippie xD

    neni ❤ (>ω<*)ノ

  16. Wow, this is very nice:) It looks kind of a fairy make up, I love it:)

  17. thank you so much for posting I always have a hard time doing my makeup. I usually have my friends do it. Now I feel I can do it on my own. this was really helpful thank you again

  18. You re so cute!
    Nice tutorials!
    Nice collors too!

  19. That's a great combination that Green and purple! Gonna try it! Thanks so much!!

  20. wow, such an amazing array of colours beautifully blended together :) I can never mix more than three colours in my look cos I just tend to blend everything together :p

  21. I like the purple eyeshadow because its my favourite color. Looks like your an expert love the look

  22. I like the look. It looks like your an makeup expert. I like the purple eyeshadow because its my favourite color.

  23. very nice the steps of coloring the eye!!!thank you!!!xxxx

  24. That looks nice! You are definitely more talented with makeup than I am!

  25. Thanks for the step by step tutorial. I think even I could do this!

  26. Nice job. This post had to have taken a lot of work. Thank you for the tips!

  27. Thanks for the Tutorial!! Surely looks easy to try.. I'm not big on eye make up and stuff :)

    xx Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  28. Wish I could have such pretty colors on my lids, unfortunately mine are uneven (to say it mildly), so I tend to stick to neutrals.


  29. these tutorials are amazing! i love the colors you use!

  30. This is beautiful! and the color combination is perfect...wish I was that good applying eye shadow :(



  31. Lovely eye makeup Sana! I wish I have the time to create looks to be honest - I have an amazing palette I won from a giveaway and can't wait to try it out x

  32. Really pretty! I love the hint of color along with the nighttime ready drama.

  33. Hi pretty Sana! I always saw you on my blog. Thanks for following me. And by the way you look so gorgeous on that makeup. I love it! <3

  34. Think the false lashes adds the perfect touch. I'm a big fan of false lashes, myself :)

  35. Awesome! You did a great job darling! :D

  36. looks amazing on you! sad that green doesnt suit me


  37. Gorgeous! I love all the colors you used - so vibrant!

  38. I envy you for trying bold colors and put them all together into one gorgeous eye make up...on top of that you keep the rest of the face simple and natural...pretty <3

  39. I envy you for trying bold colors and put them all together into one gorgeous eye make up...on top of that you keep the rest of the face simple and natural...pretty <3

  40. I envy you for trying bold colors and put them all together into one gorgeous eye make up...on top of that you keep the rest of the face simple and natural...pretty <3

  41. Thank you for the in depth tutorial! You rocked this eye makeup!

  42. Here it's autumn time anyway I think your makeup would be perfect for these days!

  43. love love love - perfect for autumn days in rome. xxx

  44. You are so talented with your eye make up! Toni xxx ohheytone.com

  45. I like the playful color. It brightened your eyes. ^_^

  46. Thanks for the tips and super detailed tutorial! It's very useful hehe :D

  47. Gorgeous eyes! Thank you for the tutorial and all the great photos!

  48. Wow! I really love this look! Love the bold colors!

  49. Wow you looks super gorgeous sana love ur eye makeup <3

  50. nice colors i love the compination......bravo!!!

  51. I wouldn't beleive ths is a good color combo, but you did great job! Your eyes pop and look so bright! Thanks for the tutorial)

  52. Not the shades I would normally pick, but it works on you!

  53. I love the colours! I know I wouldn't wear them because I love wearing nudes, but they look great on you! :)

  54. I've been wanting to learn this since I was a teen in high school. I've bookmarked this for later use. Maybe it will help me. I always thought that I looked odd in makeup. I'm hoping that this will help. Thank you for the great tips. I do have one question, where do you find the primer for the eyes?

  55. What an awesome picture tutorial. I love the choice of colors.

  56. Very neat & detailed post! Love the purple & green combo! Looks fresh..I luv using green coz it makes ur eyes pop out..Good job girl! - Vimmy


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