Suave Naturals Creamy Cocoa Butter & Shea Body Wash [Review]

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Anything have 'Cocoa Butter' grabs my attention instantly because of their exceptional and beneficial features that softens and lubricates the dry flaky skin and known to be natural anti-oxidant too. 

Creamy Cocoa Butter & Shea 

Enriched with moisturizing milk proteins and naturally scent of cocoa bean extract, Suave Creamy Naturals Cocoa Butter & Shea will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and delightfully fragrant. This fresh fragrance smell as good as Bath & Body Works.

Suave Naturals Creamy Cocoa Butter & Shea Body Wash
Suave Naturals Creamy Cocoa Butter & Shea Body Wash
Suave Naturals Creamy Cocoa Butter & Shea Body Wash

My Verdict

 This shower creme has been among my favorite bath products throughout the year because of its DIVINE fragrance regardless of its moisturizer properties and reminds me of ,my Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar. I hereby, completely agree with the note that Suave Body Wash smells as good and as eternal as B&B Works with a fraction of price of course! I love how it has everything that I need to have in one bottle.

The way it lathers is yet another added WOW factor because that was unfathomable for me as I was not expecting much but it leathers up quite well as the consistency is runny but it will not spill until you squeeze the bottle. You just need to squirt out a little amount on a loofah or on palm to work into lather. As its enriched with milk protein, cocoa butter, honey extract and shea butter that buff the skin gently and softly by giving you heavenly outrageous shower experience whilst you feel like indulging yourself in a rich and luxurious lather as the formula is SO silky and smooth. It takes a little extra effort rinsing to gets off so, keep in mind 'Little Goes A Long Way'. Although, I do feel this is quite good at cleansing but not in providing WOW moisture to the skin.So, this is something that anyone can use anytime regardless of summer and winter, but I love how it leaves my skin soft, supple after each wash.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased and in LOVE with it and I'm all up for trying out another variants from the Suave Naturals Body Wash without breaking your bank. What do you have to lose in trying out their divine and indulgence secret? ^_^

You Might Like It

  • You expect great fragrance.
  • You expect great luxury leather.
  • You want to experience heavenly shower experience.
  • You want to have a soft and hydrated skin.
  • You are on budget.

You Might Not Like It

  • You are expecting a great moisturizing shower cream.
  • Availability may be an issue. 
  • You don't like warm musky fragrance.

My Rating


Suave Naturals Creamy Cocoa Butter and Shea Body Wash priced $3.49 and you can get it from, your nearest drugstore, Walgreen, Walmart, Target or from Amazon.

Have you tried Suave Naturals Body Wash ?? 

47 comments on "Suave Naturals Creamy Cocoa Butter & Shea Body Wash [Review]"
  1. it looks like great cosmetic for me :) I love product with shea butter extract.
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Love your review :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!
    (If possible then please click on the links of it as well)

  3. I'm all about fragrance when it comes to lotion so this product is a must-have for me. I haven't seen it in stores though.

    1. Aaahh!! Yeah , that's SO true. It's all about fragrance when it comes to bathing products for me. I hope you'll find something similar to this :-)

  4. thank you for your wonderful review...really helpful in choosing a good body wash

  5. I love Suave and I am sure this is such a lovely and good product from them too! Love to try it sometime.

    1. I just happen to start using their body lotions and shower cremes and I'm impressed !!

  6. This looks like indeed a great product for our skin,nice review.Just followed you on gfc,hope you'll follow me back.

  7. I think the scent is just right and not too overpowering. It's also nice that it's affordable.

    1. Oh yes!!! I like this thing the most. It's not over-powering else I'd not stand for strong coconut smell for more than a second or two :-D

  8. its sounds promising i would love to try this. thanks for sharing this

    1. I guess, you should Munira ! They do smell amazing , almost all variants . Thank you for stopping by x

  9. This is an interesting product because it is not available in my country hehe :)

    1. I hope you'll find something similar like this Nicole :-) Thank you for stopping by xx

  10. Cocoa butter would really be a nice scent for a body wash.

  11. oh i want to try this , hope its available here in france thanks for sharing.

  12. cocoa butter is my fav: the smell, the flavour the texture. It must be an amazing product.

  13. Looks great! I love shea butter lotion and it smells so good :D

  14. shea butter usually smells niceee and this sounds interesting :D

  15. i have this product and i so love its smell. i totally agree with ur every word :)

  16. I like to experiment with new body wash products... I would give it a try

  17. My mom and aunts love suave. The scent I think is what made it appealing to them. :)

  18. My mom and aunts love suave. The scent I think is what made it appealing to them. :)

  19. Interesting products. I always love body products that smell chocolate/ cocoa. I love the body shop products thou. I guess it's similar.

    GIG Love

  20. Great review ! I am a huge fan of butter shea product, would literally buy it with no doubt everytime i see it. hahaha

  21. I never try tis product because there's no suave product on my country, but this is looks like a great pproduct! nice review..

  22. if it moisture it will be i love lovely scented shower gel too!!

  23. sounds like something my skin needs! the fragrance is something id love about this

  24. I am sure it smells wonderfully. I would love to try it out.

  25. im sure this product makes you smell like cocoa butter and all yummy!

  26. I love cocoa butter and shea products. I'll have to try this out! gig

  27. I love shea butter so this sounds great for my needs - Thanks for the thorough review! <3 GIGLove

  28. I prefer the body washes that really lathers up too! and I love cocoa lotions.. I think I may like this too.. Nice review!

  29. Thanks for the great review!! Will try it soon =) gig

  30. suave products smell good, i have used this one before. you can never go wrong with cocoa butter. giglove

  31. Shea butter is love! I want to try this, but I like one with great moisturizing effects

  32. I LOVE the smell of cocoa butter, it is my all time favourite :) GIG

  33. I love this body wash! It makes me feel like I am floating on a chocolate cloud lol

  34. I like it its tempted looks great i really love to try this one :)


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