Ten Foundation Mistakes To Avoid

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mistakes are the part of human psyche, it is utterly inevitable that we don't commit any mistake as nobody is perfect. Every now and then, there are so many in days in our life when test out the new shade of foundation or lipstick or the newest falsie and want to WOW that audience with the mesmerizing look with their perfectly dazzling makeup.

Unfortunately, I move in a society which is full of myths and self-assumptions and where there is ''FAIR'' complexion is everything or if you are having medium or medium-tan complexion is utterly ridiculous. Regardless the fact that what suits best on them, just wants to be a ''WHITE MANNEQUIN'' head. These are the things which can not be avoided and mistakes are a part of our life because we're not ''PERFECT''. So, once you are recovered from shock and humiliation from your own makeup mistakes I'll be sharing these COMMON foundation mistakes with you so that you you never walk out the house with the bad makeup. 

A flawless base give you a perfect canvas to play with colors and a key for flawless base is choosing right foundation. Foundation makes a mass difference in over all makeup and incorrect foundation application can be horrendous. Arguably , foundation or more precisely, getting your skin perfect with the ''RIGHT KIND OF MAKEUP'' is the hardest application of process. So, don't feel bad when some of the mistakes below apply to you ( I too have been caught making some of them earlier). To get the whole picture clear in-front of you those common foundation mistakes or errors we encounter everyday, let's have a look below :


Foundations are supposed to create a perfect, smooth complexion by covering any imperfections. It's definitely not suppose to give your skin a tan. This is why you should ALWAYS test foundation on your jawline which always blends in with your skin (not on your hand) or if possible ask for a sample before buying so that you can check it at home and look at your skin in various lights. Being naturally dark-skinned is not a shame perhaps girls having mindset of looking whiter and lights-skinned, chances are going to be 101% that you will be picking lightest shade of the foundation because of that impulsive voice back in your head that ''I WANT TO LOOK WHITE''. Please DO NOT DO that.

Always go for the foundation that matches your skin-tone and feels like a second skin rather looking alike pastry because wrong shade can make you look ghastly unnatural and leads your face and neck being two totally different colors. So, its time to confess and embrace your natural shade.


Powder foundation ? Ditch it!!

I know, I am a massive fan of mineral makeup because it is MUCH better for your skin and not loaded with chemicals but the problem is with powder foundations that they don't give you best finish. They look very natural without being cakey and can accentuate the fine lines and wrinkles. The best way to get the perfect flawless look is with liquid foundation.

For daily use, light to medium coverage foundations are BEST unlike celebrities or models as they have to spend most of their times under lights and in-front of cameras. You've to choose your foundation according to your skin type. Always remember :

  • Dry/Normal Skin  

People having normal/dry skin, they should consider their selves lucky enough that they can choose their foundations easily regardless of its staying power. Unlike oily skin people, the people having dry/normal skin should choose their foundation according to their skin type which can hydrates and nourishes the skin whilst giving them a healthy dewy glow.

I've already listed some of high-end and drugstore brand foundations in my previous post for Dry/Normal skin. Please click here for drugstore finding and here for high-end foundations.

  • Oily/Combination Skin

Oily/combination skin known as quite notorious skin and is very difficult to manage when it comes to buy a perfect foundation and applying it. For oily/combination skin you should get foundation that blends seamlessly without being patchy or looks oily instead they should easily be able to absorb excess oil and keep oil at bay. 

I've already listed some of high-end and drugstore brand foundations in my previous post for Oily/Combination Skin. Pleases click here for drugstore finding and here for high-end foundations.

Wearing The Wrong Shade Of Foundation

We Asians are generally blessed with having a warm undertone which further classify either having golden undertone or peach undertone. Mixing two, three shades of foundation every time to match your skin tone is not an easy task, especially when you are in hurry. 

Having TOO DARK foundation on face will look alike that you've orange/tan paint on your face and having TOO LIGHT foundation will look alike you an ashy pastry face. Either ways, you will be looking drastically awful in your pictures. And this can be happened when you've chosen right shade of foundation but wrong undertone.

Always emphasize on picking right shade of foundation with a correct undertone. Do your research, take your time and continue testing and experimenting with new foundation samples before investing in it.

Applying Makeup On Dry/Flaky Skin

Applying foundation on a dry/flaky skin is ''HORRIFIC'' and I completely agree with this. Foundation will be going to emphasize the dry flakes and patches instead of blend down seamlessly into skin. 

To fix the dry patches and flaky skin, ALWAYS get rid of dryness by exfoliating and following up with a moisturizer according to your skin type. Smoother and flake free skin means, much smoother foundation application and a flawlessly finished look.

Oily skin needs its hydration too. So, IF you're thinking you can skip that part than you are truly living in a world of myths and misconceptions. Select your moisturizer carefully.

Skipping Primer

After moisturizer, there is another important thing and i.e. applying primer. This will not only will provide a flawless smooth canvas for a foundation application but will also prevents the foundation from changing its color and appearing it dull. Choose from mattifying primers or luminous primers according to your skin type.

Applying Too Much

In order to look completely radiant and flawless you can easily start building foundation layers on your face and end up looking alike ''Doll Face'' or ''Pastry Face''. Which, truly looks un-natural and kind of dummy instead of having healthy glow. This will not only can cause you major breakouts but also other skin related problems. 

Skipping Concealer

Overuse of concealer is also as bad as overusing foundation, but don't make this to under use the product also that can make a HUGE difference too. Dark circles under your beautifully done eye make can never look good and blemishes or post-acne scars definitely will not looking good under your foundation especially in photos. Don't forget to use appropriate amount  

Don't Blend

If you are going to spend all of this time on just putting on the foundation and thinking this will look perfect than please ruin this thought. Blending is the key after foundation application. Either by your hands, cosmetic sponge/wedges, kabuki brush or foundation brush. 

Start by applying foundation on one side of your face and blend it properly all the way from hair-line till jaw-line and neck in a circular motion. Don't just rub it or there will be a visible line of demarcation across your jaw-line which will be looking awful. Blending, blending and blending is the only secret in having smooth, radiantly natural looking skin.

Forget Setting Your Foundation

Setting your foundation is nearly as important as choosing a right type and right shade of foundation. This will not only will be holding your foundation on its place for a long time but also will retain moisture and will be keeping shine and oil at its bay.

Not Having Oil Blotting Shetts

Between all the exciting moments with your family or friends, or in a party or celebration, you don't want to be a oil-slick in the pictures? Do you? 

Matte foundations are life saver but having an oily skin, be sure to have a oil blotting sheets with you for the occasional touch-ups. It will not only make you appear less shiny but natural too.

By avoiding above narrated mistakes, believe me you will be noticing a huge difference in your foundation routine.

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  1. Shade is the most common mistake I personally make. I have fair skin, but with a yellow undertone so it's always difficult for me to find a shade as a lot of the light foundation shades also have a pink undertone instead. GIG LOVE

  2. Thanks for these! I definitely take these into account when buying and applying foundation. And yes, the oil blotting films are a lifesaver during the day. You dont want to pile on powder every time you feel like your skin's starting to get oily.

  3. These are some great tips! I think I have been guilty for years for choosing the wrong type of foundation for my skin, but we live and learn :) GIG

  4. Agreed! Choosing the wrong shade is a huge no no! It is a disgrace, your face should NOT be a different shade from your neck

  5. Good tips!! Will be aware of it when I use my foundation =) Thanks gig

  6. Til now I still find myself committing a mistake or two! Especially with the shade as my skintone changes per season!

  7. Excellent post. I wrote some similar post like this 2 years ago :D

  8. This is so helpful to those who use foundation. Thanks to myself that I don't use one :p that's saving myself from these mistakes :D

  9. This is so helpful to those who use foundation. I'm maybe glad enough for saving myself to those mistakes because I really don't use one :P

  10. great tips! I've had struggles with my foundation..hahaha! take care!

  11. It can be so hard to find the right foundation shade! Oil blotting sheets are a definite must for me :)

    Jess xo

  12. For the concealer, how much is the appropriate amount? I usually just touch on the blemishes on my face and use my finger to make it firm.

  13. this is really very informative as I am clueless about foundations and make ups

  14. Great tips! I definitely wear foundation for photo shoots and it's a challenge to make it work! <3 GIGLove

  15. i totally agree with dry flakes on dry skin ... its hell to apply foundation uff ... my sis have this dry skin ... its horrible ... i always suggested her to moist but never knew of exfoliation ... thanks for the tip :)

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  16. This is such an useful post love! Absolutely agree with all your points! And I would say that the first one bothers me most! People so often choose the wrong shade :(


  17. I consider this post a very useful one. Everybody should have in mind these advices when they are buying or applying foundation. Nevertheless, before applying foundation/makeup you have to take good care of your skin, it's like when you're building a house, if the base is not solid, the walls won't stand - it's the same thing with skin care.

  18. wrong shade is the number mistake! everyone experiences it XD

  19. i did a similar post not too long ago.. many girls were asking me how to choose foundation for darker shades of skin =) lovely tips hun

  20. Helpful tips makeup tips for everyone because even without admitting once in a while we make these mistakes. :)

  21. wow i never know about this, this is really usefull information for me :-) Thanks for the info <3

  22. wow i never know about this, this is really usefull information for me :-) Thanks for the info <3

  23. Wow! I really did not know many of these! Thanks for sharing :D Any improvements will be thanks to you!


  24. This is a really acurate post. I agree on all the points, especially the first 3- choosing and applying the wrong shade and type. This is a great post!

  25. This is a really acurate post. I agree on all the points, especially the first 3- choosing and applying the wrong shade and type. This is a great post!

  26. Omg thanks alot for the tips and now I know how to use correctly :D

  27. the concealer and setting is a must for full coverage with long staying power!!amazing tips!!

  28. hmmm... I really thought I left a comment in this post already. Well, I dont mind saying it again and again. I loved this post! There are so many things I did not know about foundation! Any improvements you see on my look will definitely be thanks to you!


  29. one of the things I hate to see most is bad foundation, this is a great post - good job - giglove - http://www.carolinefashionstyling.com

  30. Great tips sweetie. I really have to keep this in my mind. I'm not very good in makeup, but I'm learning reading all these articles.

  31. Some great tips here, thank you.
    I always skip primer step :-(

  32. Very informative and helpful especially for those who are starting their way to cosmetics

  33. A really good post! I think we all experienced a time, where the foundation collor was hard to find and we wore the wrong one, haha :D
    Thanks for this post!

    gig love <3

  34. great tips sana, I don't know how to apply foundation lol...as silly as that sounds,but its true. I only wear foundation when I get my makeup done professionally.lol

  35. Super useful tips! I'm very picky when it comes to choosing my foundies :) gig

  36. This is an awesome post! Great tips! :)

  37. great post Sana! most people commit these mistakes and I really see many who don't even choose the right shade! I have seen counter girls suggesting wrong shades too! such a shame :(

  38. your post is very informative! i can use this as a guideline for using and buy foundation :)

    - from gig

  39. This is such a welcome read. I agree with all you said. I used to be guilty of applying foundation on a flaky skin as my skin is very dry. Gig

  40. I normally go for bb or cc creams since foundation is too heavy for my skin, or at least find them that way. I do however issues finding the perfect shade and even couldn't find my perfect match at MAC - the horror LOL.

    xx Donah

  41. This post is very good! But i suggest we gonna avoid oil blotting sheet and you tissue instead. Oil blotting sheets are not good for our skin.

  42. Great advice. Finding the perfect shade for your skin tone is a good tip.

  43. i always buy wrong shade awww

  44. I cant agree more with you mineral make up is better for skin... :)
    giglove, smallnhot.com

  45. great post - very informative and detailed - thanks for all the info -www.carolinefashionstyling.com

  46. Great tips! I've just started wearing foundation for photo shoots so I'll have to keep all of your suggestions in mind! <3 GIGLove

  47. Incredibly useful tips, I'll be sure to keep this in mind before I' going to buy another one :).
    Thank you for sharing

  48. Can't agree more. Thank you for sharing this. Definitely a nice reminder for those who hasn't done this step.

    GIG Love

  49. this is a really great tips...and i will keep this in my mind when I apply foundation next time!

  50. its great to know that exfoliation helps for dry skin .... and so true finding the perfect shade for u is really important

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  51. I think the number one foundation mistake is in choosing the right shade. I personally sometimes commit this too. But it's a very challenging task especially if store lighting is complicated, and if your skin tone changes every season

  52. I live in a country where fair skin is praised a lot too so I always feel strange when people compliment me for my skin tone... :/ Such a strange thing to compliment someone on! Haha.

  53. Big NO for choosing wrong shade so I will always ask for advise from the people at counter heh :p

  54. I have an combination skin and its a very helpful post thanks for sharing :)


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