The Dubai Bazaaar [Re-vamp & Redesigned]

Sunday, March 2, 2014

We all were really in a dark that 'What online shopping actually is' though it was quite common in the west but with a sudden explosion within two three years online shopping is not something very un-usual.

E-commerce is very projectile about it as throwing us in a world of global shopping with all those tempting treats on different online portals. I was never a online shopping person but yes, I HAVE to say that I'm one of them now who are crazy about online shopping but one thing I holds me back most of the time is MISTRUST and CUSTOMER SERVICES along with the CORRECT PRODUCT DESCRIPTION.

Today's post is solely going to be one of my favorite e-commerce website 'The Dubai Bazar' which is an online web store responsible for making me addict of this online shopping.

About The Dubai Bazaaar

The Dubai Bazaar is a revolutionay new way to shop, bringing over thousands of exciting products from over the city to your doorstep on one easy accessible way. It allows you yo shop no matter where you are, what the time is or how busy your lifestyle is. By enabling you to browse products in a cutting edge virtual way it bring you shipping that is effortless, deals that are unbeatable and products that are fashionable and of the highest quality.

Vision and Mission

At the Dubai Bazaar we aim to achieve the highest level of Customer Satisfaction possible by bringing to you diverse and exciting range of products from all ove the city of  Dubai that are of superior quality at affordable prices. Our viberant and starightforward way of shopping allows the customer a superior buying experience with fanstastic products and friendly after sales services.

My Verdict 

It's indeed a risk whilst shopping online that you are going to get a same product that you put it in your cart whilst doing shopping and when you get that the disappointment might be at it's peak that it's not something you are looking for and paid for. But with The Dubai Bazaar I have no doubt as their products are 100 percent genuine and authentic along with unbeatable prices. What attracts me the most about them is their Deals of the Day where they display some products daily with real unbeatable prices as compare to the other market. I've got my iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S4  and my HP notebook from them and I loved the prices they offer. 

All and all I just have to say I'm really satisfied from them and their customer services along with the high product quality, up to the mark facility and their prices are unbeatable for sure.

You can check their Official Website Here and check their Official Facebook Page Here.

So what do you feel about online shopping? Are you a satisfied customer?

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