Deep Green Smoky Eyes [Tutorial]

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What could be more intriguing than a sexy, smoldering and sultry smoky eyes? 

Often, smoky eye look is a sexy and sultry combination that shows your inner vows and transforms you instantly from innocent to sensuous diva. I'd posted some green eye looks in past, have a look here. Since, green eyes shadow is a fierce and bold color that can be worn year-round in just the right hue. 

For Achieving this look, I've used :

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion.
  • BH Cosmetics 120 Eye Shadow Palette 2nd Edition.
  • Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow Palette.
  • M.A.C Eye Shadow in Carbon Black.
  • Beauties Factory 12 Color Camouflage Concealer Palette.
  • Mikyajy Black-I Jumbo Eye Pencil.
  • Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Black Brown.
  • Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner.
  • Bourjois Kohl & Contour Pencil.
  • Benefit They're Real Mascara.
  • Bourjois Faux & Fabulous More Volume Eyelashes in Urban Chic. 

Let's begin with the tutorial. And oh!! there's a makeup look at the end too.

I hope you guys will enjoy it ^_^

Deep Green Smoky Eyes
Deep Green Smoky Eyes

  • Prep and prime your lids and lash line and let it set & apply NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk all over the lid and blend it well it brow-bone area.
  • Apply black base by using either black jumbo eye pencil or gel eyeliner on entire eyelid applied and blend with brush or finger.
  • Apply deep green eye shadow over black base. Try to be on eyelids as close as possible.
  • Apply slightly cool tone green on crease and blend out harsh edges with a clean fluffy blending brush.
  • Then, I took a jade green shade to outline my crease and Blend, Blend Blend.
  • I applied Virgin shade taken from Urban Decay palette on my brow-bone and blend it nicely with jade green color.
  • I applied same deep green eye shadow on my lower lash-line.
  • Apply black eye shadow to line the lower lash-line and blend it nicely with deep green eye shadow.

Deep Green Smoky Eyes
Deep Green Smoky Eyes

  • I lined the lower lash-line with matte black kohl pencil.
  • Apply eyeliner, mascara and falsies (optional) to complete the look.

Here's the outcome :

Deep Green Smoky Eyes
Deep Green Smoky Eyes

For Face, I used :

  • IQ Natural Pore Reduce Elixer.
  • IQ Natural Silk Primer.
  • Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream in 33 Rose Beige.
  • Rachel K CC Pressed Powder in Medium.
  • M.A.C Sheertone Blush in Peaches.
  • MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter.

Note : Do remember, limit other colors on the face. Stick with neutral colors on lips and cheeks for a balanced look.

For Lips, I used :

  • Essence Lip-liner in Nude.
  • MUA Lipstick in shade 14.
  • Pupa Lip Perfect Ultra Reflex Liquid Lipgloss in 07.

What do you think about it ? I hope you enjoyed it ^_^

38 comments on "Deep Green Smoky Eyes [Tutorial]"
  1. Thanks for sharing
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  2. Wow this looks amazing. I love how smokey and dramatic it is. Gorgeous!

  3. Good job on smokey eyes. Agree what you said, keep with natural colors in lips and cheek. =) GIG

  4. I've notice your lashes first compare to your eye makeup! You have pretty lashes!! =) gig

  5. The tutorial really helped! :D Love the way you did your eyes! :) thanks for sharing!

    Gig Love,
    Siew Hui

  6. Nice green smokey! I think colored smokey eyes are really fun to do!

  7. Nice green smokey! I think colored smokey eyes are really fun to do!

  8. I'm not fan of green color but on your eyes it looks very good :-) GiG

  9. You have done an amazing your makeup.....Lovely pix dear.....xoxoxo...^_^

  10. Pretty!! I'm soo in love with the green smokey eyes ! You did a great job there :)

    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!

  11. This is stunning, I love green eye makeup!!

    Jess xo

  12. Beautiful! I;m terrible with eyeshadow, it never seems to look right on me, but this is gorgeous on you!

  13. Absolutely STUNNING! So flattering and bold - It's a dramatic but still really classic look. Tres chic! <3 GIGLove

  14. I think you look great. You have the perfect face to teach about make-up application. You can carry off a strong look. I think even if you wore a strong lip colour, you would still look amazing.

  15. i love your eyebrow!
    so thick and beautiful :(..
    still suck draw it ..

  16. You really have great skills! Love your eyes, so pretty!

  17. Wow green smoky eyes! Havent seen that look in a while! Lovely lovely tutorial as usual! You are so talented with makeup gosh!

  18. Gorgeous! I love the contrast of the darker and lighter green. They really make your eyes pop too.

  19. Lovely! Good job on the smokey eyes! Thanks for the simple step by step tutorial! :)

  20. woww your eyeshadow is really pigmented ! Great tutorial too.. xoxo

  21. Love this. It's so bold and amazing. Great tutorial and it looks fab on you. Love the green.

  22. looks good! sad that green doesnt suit me. its so intense

  23. Green is not suitable for my eyes. but a great tutorial .keep it up.
    Gig love

  24. I love how you did your eye makeup - looks awesome. Giglove~

  25. I really love the look. You did a great job. :)

  26. Love smokey eyes. And sure it looks good. I love the combination colors. Thank you for the tutorial.

    GIG Love,

  27. Wow, I like how you made your eyeshadow. Im afraid this look will.emphasize my dark circles

  28. Wow! First, I love your eyebrows, they are so neat. And this deep green looks amazing with these grey lenses. Love the whole look. (: gig love <3

  29. OMG you looks great and the colour is so pigmented!

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. you are so talented. keep up the good work. very nice step by step tutorial thank you sana

  32. That was well done! If I did the same to me it wouldn't look as good. Apart from that, I prefer the classic black or grey colour for smoky eyes, but a deep green option looks really good! Thanks for sharing your tutorial! :)

  33. Gorgeous smokey eye makeup i like your green look its pretty :)

  34. Great. You should share more tutorials Sana. I'm going to follow your blog more and more. :)

  35. Great Smokey eyes tutorial. will share the link with my friends.

  36. WOOW!! So sexy!! This look makes your eyes pop and r u wearing contacts? Im bookmarking this :D


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