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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hey my Bella's !!! I just want to update you dolls about my blog makeover ^_^ I have no idea for how long I have wanted to have one and I had been planning for custom blog design, but never found someone who I felt can do that according to my needs and suggestions. 

There are peoples who are really good at it and doing really very well but also going bonkers when it comes to charging. I mean c'mon, I am not going to spend $300 or $400 just for my blog design. Whilst searching I'd got some Etsy pages and after searching a lot I've found one with such economical rates and that's Shawna Fleming from OpalPrints and she listened, suggested, discussed and made something which I had in my mind along with the color theme, the font styles etc. I will not say its very unique, but its something that I wanted to have. I'd nothing loose, but only gain. 

Shawna is a total sweet heart and a glee full person to work with. The moment she sent me rough draft, I instantly liked her vision, her perception of perceive things and doing what exactly I want. She tweaked so many things according to my liking and preferring what I wanted and I should be happy with it. I was being nosy and troubled her a lot but she was not a snob, instead she was replying each of my query with a best possible solution. She picked, what I wanted, created, designed, tweaked and within a week time I had a new design on my blog

Ending this post on a note here, if you are looking for a custom blog design or want to have blog makeover Shawna is definitely a person who will not going to cost an arm and leg and you will not mind trying her out for what you actually want to have. Check out her Etsy shop OpalPrints and you will not regret your visit :)

Before makeover :

After makeover :

I'd love to know what do you think about my new blog design and about her work ?

38 comments on "Blog Make Over Update"
  1. I absolutely love it! I never even thought about looking on etsy for designers! This is amazing :)

    1. Etsy has some really reasonable designers, trust me. They listen, suggest, create, undo or redo whatever you want to even after installation ... I've got great experience so far x

  2. Don't mind me asking, what's her rates like? It's a nice template :) xo

    1. She charge $18 for customize template. You may contact her on Etsy and discuss details . I've already linked her shop link in post :)

  3. Looks good! <3 <3

  4. I love it :) i want to get a makeover to :) SOON!

    1. Go for it .. I 'm sure you will find it soon & can't wait to see your new lay out :) xxx

  5. I love the makeover!!! great job!!!


  6. It was only yesterday that i was looking on Etsy for a logo designer. It's a great site with talented people. I like how the blog title is within the hair look :)

  7. I know that I learned coding just so I could do my own designs. I do have a designer that I have to some of the harder parts of my site and she normally charges over 2500 for a design but having her do the bits that I can't do makes it more economical for me.

  8. It looks amazing! I really like the light colors and the makeover. Thank you for the recommendation I really need a blog makeover myself! I might just contact her!

  9. Looks good glad you found someone that had a reasonable rate.

  10. First, I so love your header. It's really pretty and PINK! Second, I think you should change your post-title font, sidebar font and navigation font, change it to something simple without curly-thing font. I bet it'll look fabulous that way! Still, I like your new layout. XD

  11. It seems she only customizes for Blogspot though, which is a shame because my blog is hosted on Wordpress! Her rates are really affordable too!

    1. Hi Arian!

      I have worked with Wordpress before but it gets a little tricky. If you log in via wordpress.ORG your blog is totally customizable. Wordpress.COM kind of limits you on what you can customize. ( I think only your side bar, header, colors and background)

      I am more the willing to work on a wordpress blog :)


  12. Really love your header!! Pretty!! It's totally you =))

  13. I like the way your new blog design is so feminine and personal to reflect who you are and your content. It's great!

  14. I love your new layout! :) I should have my blog redesigned.

  15. I love your new design. Looks more girly but still simple.

  16. I so love your blog's new look! I didn't know they had such things on easy. :D thanks for sharing. :)

    Gig Love,
    Siew Hui

  17. The template looks beautiful. Once I save up, I will definitely contact her. Lots of GIG love :)

  18. Aww looks good! Too bad Wordpress customizations are really tedious and expensive...

  19. ooo this ones more feminine now! i loved your previous one too

  20. Really pretty design. It's a good makeover as your blog layout is simpler to navigate and yet, prettier!

  21. Your new theme is pretty but I think I prefer the old one? But hey, it's just me. XD
    I'm looking for a blog designer so I might check her out. :D

  22. yes i knowww i wont spend my money either to re-design my layout..
    but i hate to face with all the coding on website..
    so tiring and i dont understand lol..
    nice review !

  23. owh simple and pretty design look clean..i hv not hire anyone as there r expensive and those more ecomical one do things i can do myself!! so i end up doing it myself!

  24. Your new design looks really great. Cheap and pretty. :)

  25. Loving your new layout! I'm in the process of looking for a new one myself.gig

  26. LOVE the updates, you did a great job. And thanks for sharing your designer, I'm looking to redesign my logo so I'll definitely reach out! <3 GIGLove

  27. I really love this makeover pretty cool i am also looking great ideas for my new blog :)

  28. I love the elegant design. Would love to try one.

  29. Your blog is so easy to navigate..Loving the new layout,,So classy xx


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