IQ Natural Flawless Face Trio [Review]

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I love to try organic beauty products especially when I know it has no harmful ingredients to harm my skin. IQ Natural Complete Flawless Face Trio promises to give facial treatment in one package. Does it really work ? Continue reading to find out.

IQ Natural Flawless Face Trio --  Complete Set of 3

Our top-selling FLAWLESS FACE Trio will set your makeup, give your skin a natural glow, shrink pores and tighten overall skin elasticity with continues use. We've packed it full hydrating and rejuvenating ingredients to give you a easy 1...2...3...step daily makeup applicator regimen!

INCLUDED: Flawless Face Reduce Toner, Flawless Face Primer and Flawless Face Finish.

IQ Natural Flawless Face Trio

My Verdict 

IQ Natural is one of the natural cosmetic brand that promises to use organic ingredients to make their products as pure ans as powerful as nature allows. I'm more into organic and natural makeup rather using chemical filled products as I've super sensitive acne-prone oily skin is the reason that I always prefer minimal chemical infused products and some of them tend to break me out so badly.

This product is a good for money and one of the best natural skin care or daily makeup regimen. I am going to jot down quick points about each product individually below. The kit includes :

1- Flawless Face Reduce Toner
2- Flawless Face Primer
3- Flawless Face Finish

 Flawless Pore Reducer

1- Flawless Pore Reducer

It has four key ingredients that says each one of them pack with a serious punch against acne, blemishes and dull skin. It has Dimethlaminoethanol (DMAE) which has natural substance to stimulates neurotransmitters and promotes clean cell regeneration. It has Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), an organic sulfuric derivative that helpful in treating skin disorders. Black Willow Bark (Salix Negra) is a natural antiseptic and has anti-inflammatory properties & Tea Tree Oil is natural anti-bacterial and anti-septic with germicidal properties.

With having that much key ingredients, the results are instantly visible. I do have large pores and to some extent it does reduces them and leaving skin youthful and healthy by smoothing out my over all complexion and maintains my skin pH balance. It has very mild fragrance and gives a slightly tangy sensation which fades away after few seconds. It really helps out removing debris, makeup residues, impurities from the face and immediately restricts pores and tones my skin.

  Flawless Face Primer 

2- Flawless Face Primer 

For a person like me who has oily skin, primer is always necessary prior foundation application. I have a few visible large pores on my cheeks and around my nose. I've tried it out to see the difference. It does minimize my pores. They didn't disappear completely, but it has look them less visible and small. Silk Hydrolyzed gives my skin a very soft and velvety touch as it penetrates in deep layers of the skin and binds moisture at a cellular level. Resulting, smooth and flawless base for foundation application.

3- Flawless Face Finish 

I'm into using matte foundations, be it powder or liquid. But the fact is, matte formula give you a cakey look and looks very un-natural if not blend properly. After makeup application, setting mist is must have for me for achieving polished and flawless look without being grease ball. It has no color and doesn't leave any residues. I usually give three to four spritz and let it air-dry. It does give somewhat tacky feel for about four to five minutes and my skin feels little tight but this feeling goes away after few minutes leaving my face smooth and dewy. I think, it holds my makeup slightly longer than usual. By the fourth hour, I can see a little shine start peeking through in. It does its job pretty well though.

Overall, I quite like this trio. For its price, it's a steal. Perfect for oilies like me who would not mind to have slight luminosity without leaving true matte face. 

IQ Natural Flawless Face Trio priced $16 for travel-size 2 fl. oz and $30 for 4 fl. oz. You can get them from IQ Natural official website here or you can check out their products on eBay store here. Get connected with their all latest updates and Free Product Friday on Facebook here.

What do you think about it? Have you tried it yet?

29 comments on "IQ Natural Flawless Face Trio [Review]"
  1. I totally agree that for 16$ it's a steal...xoxoxo....^_^

  2. I totally agree that for 16$ it's a steal......xoxoxo....^_^

  3. These sound lovely ! Never heard of this brand before x

  4. I haven't tried products from this brand as I don't think they are available here but they seem promising.

  5. what a pity i cant find this brand at my county...
    it seems a good one!
    maybe you can give a review about before and after used :D

  6. Nice review. I never heard of this brand and this products. But it looks promising. I wish I can get those here.

  7. I'm always looking for great new natural products - Thank you for the thorough review and for introducing me to this great new brand! <3 GIGLove

  8. Great review.. It's my first time seeing this product but I would love to try the primer since I have huge pores too.. :D

  9. Oh wow looks like a great product! But not sure if I can get it here :(

  10. Ohh I haven't heard of this brand before! But if it does great things on you, they that $16 is a steal!

    GiG -

  11. Never heard of this brand before, but it sounds great =)

  12. I also never heard of this brand before, but it looks very beautiful and great.. Would like to try :-) GiG

  13. I am looking for a new set like this. I would have liked to see pictures of your skin using it.

  14. This sounds like the perfect product set for me. I will have to go an check it out. It sounds amazing.

  15. I've never heard of this product before, but it seems like something to look into.

  16. i definitely need to try this out! i hate having oily skin in a way and have tried out so many products

  17. Never heard!of this brand before! Hm it looks very clinical

  18. Its definitely very affordable, but relatively an unknown brand to me and I always have second thoughts on trying out a new brand..

  19. I need this in my life! I have large pores and super oily skin, I'm always looking for products that will help with it.

  20. I love any type of natural skincare brands, they are always so fun to try out and feel good for your skin. I have to use matte foundations because by the end of the day my skin seeps through anyway!
    Michelle | A Lovely Allure

  21. I hope to try this product. I hope it will be more available in various location too so we can test it out

  22. Whoa now this looks awesome to have a try on! giglove

  23. Thanks for this review. I love natural products! I never try IQ Natural products, they look great.

  24. Wow...they sound great..never heard of this product before.

  25. Never heard of this brand before, thanks for the review!

  26. These looks tempted i like it and thanks for sharing :)

  27. I haven't tried products from this brand, will have to search in UAE

  28. Thanks for the review, Did not know this brand before. Will definately look out for it in the market, especially the pore reducer.

  29. Looks like a great product!! Havent heard about this brand but would really like to try this! Thanks for sharing!


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