How To Remove Dark Spot !!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Acne, uneven skin tone, prolong exposure from sun results in dark spots if not two of these then hyper pigmentation can be caused. It can be caused by hormonal imbalance, any drug side effect or sun exposure because can't avoid hard UVA/UVB sun rays no matter what you do.

Dark spots may make your skin dull and even more sensitive, but since there can be so many reasons that causes them, learning about different types of them will give you an insight how to get rid of them and how you can restore your original skin texture and skin tone.

  • Melasma dark spots are the result of hormonal imbalance or fluctuations. Dark splotchy patches/spots appears during pregnancy or menopause (hormonal flux) or another added side effect of contraceptive pills or hormone therapy. 
  • Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation is a result a of burn, acne, any skin care treatment or psoriasis.
  • Lentigines dark spots caused by the exposure of harmful UVA/UVB rays from sun. They may scattered not in a particular order.

Now you know what are the types, now it's time to know the cause before choosing a course of treatment or remedy. Ask yourself following questions :

  • Recently are you dealing with any medical condition or following any medication that can cause Melasma?
  • How often do you go out? You catch tan easily? If you go out, do you wear sunscreen?
  • Do you have oily skin that can cause severe acne breakouts? Recently, you have undergone plastic surgery? Or having any other long-term skin condition that can cause Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation.

Please note: all of this will take time and persistence.

Now, you've figured out the reason. Choose the topical treatment or home remedies accordingly. Using proven treatment may result in better condition and even out skin tone and removes hyper pigmentation as well.

  • See a dermatologist for diagnosis under magnifying lamp.
  • Manual exfoliation.
  • Topical acid peel.
  • Microdermbrasion.
  • Chemical peel.
  • Laser treatment.
  • Home remedies.
  • Safety measures and prevention against forming dark spots.
  • Skin lightening creams.

I'll be sharing another detailed post on prevention and mode of treatments. But, always remember hyper pigmentation is easily curable if you know the root cause and opt for a right mode of treatment. We can't shut ourselves lock down in home, it's better to take safety measures and cover yourself properly as often as possible to prevent damage. 

If you've dark spots or you're or you were a case of hyper pigmentation, watch out this space for the second part and I assure you, you won't be disappointed ^_^

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  1. i have brown spots around my eyes n on my nose :( waiting for part 2!

  2. Nice post Sana.
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  3. Sounds More likely simplest idea - Much better to spread these words!

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  5. I've got a dark spot on my nose that I've been wanting to get rid off for the longest time now. Thankfully I can just pretend it's a mole, haha!

  6. This is a great post!! Thanks for the tips and tricks here =)

  7. I am lucky I don't have dark spots other than under my eyes which runs in the family.
    Good post.

  8. i have acne scarring kind of purplish red spots, but they will fade by themselves over time.
    thanks for sharing the info anyway. :)

  9. this is the tips i need, i hate my dark spot, i will try your tips, hope it works for me :-)

  10. Thanks for the tips!! I do have few black spots on my cheek !! Will try them

    GIG Love
    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!

  11. Thank you for the tips! Dark spots is always been my skin problem T.T)/
    Thanks for sharing ^^


  12. The safety way is using skin lightening creams or concealer ^_^ and the price is also cheap..

  13. I have post acne scars and recently I just went for laser treatment, thanks god it does lighten my acne spots and make my face clearer :D

  14. ooo some great tips! ill note some down for the future :)

  15. Such a simple and effective idea. I am definitely sharing it with my friends. GIG :)

  16. Thank you for the tips. I am indeed on my way to remove my dark spot.

  17. wow amazing tips ya!!shall try them out real soon!

  18. I usually just use a spot brightening and whitening serum to remedy this type of problem.

  19. Thanks for this. I hope you can share more of home remedy treatments for this :)

  20. Hy! Thank you for the article and for the information, nice tips! :)

  21. Very informative post. I've once tried to vanish some of my dark spots with IPL, but it didn't really make a difference!

  22. This is really good to read that their is a solution to retain the beauty as most of the females faces this issues.

  23. Great post! According to your info I have lentigines. I never really knew what to do about it. At least I have some information to work with now. Thanks :)

  24. Nice post..Thank you for the tips..i will try your tips..:)

  25. This is a great post!! Thanks for the tips.. They are very helpful.

  26. Thank you for this post. Interesting to read a more medically-oriented post on beauty. Keep it up!

  27. Interested to read part 2 of your this post. Dark spots are soooo stubborn! :(

  28. Very informative article about different types of dark spots. What treatments are thee for each?

  29. Thank you for sharing such helpful tips. The article is very helpful to me.

  30. Thanks for sharing such helpful beauty tips. Love your blog.

  31. thanks for sharing nice beauty tips. share some more.

  32. Thanks for sharing these remedies. Keep sharing more.

  33. This is really helpful as i have dark spots and acne.. I will first start with seeing a dermatologist for diagnosis & then do Microdermbrasion.

    I have really heard about it but never tried it.. So now finally i shall give it a try..

    Thanks for this useful info..

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    so wish to win xx

  34. I guess using home remedies can be more effective and harmless...

  35. Such a great post! Would be helpful to many who ve dark spots..Im now thinking to visit a dermatologist! Keep sharing your ideas & suggestions on such issues :) - Vimmy

  36. Very useful post, thank you! :) I would love to see more skincare advices on your blog. :)


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