Jo's Organic Beauty Whitening & Rejuvenating Soap [Review]

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jo's Organic Beauty is Pakistan's new natural and handmade skin care, bath and body care brand, and I surely can say I'm proud of it. The initiative they had taken, the chemistry, the thought behind the brand is just impressive even with a brilliant range of products. I was sent a Pair of Whitening and Rejuvenating Soap from their skin care range. Read below to find how I found it.

About Jo's Organic Beauty 

A skin care range that ensures active Organic & Natural ingredients for a healthy skin & glowing YOU. A complete body & mind Organic Shop.

Jo’s Organic Beauty” is about natural skin care with the products prepared from the organic garden infused with ancient wisdom. The ingredients in each of our product are finely handpicked and 100% organic free from paragon, so they bring out the best results in skin care, helping you to naturally glow with radiance.

Perfect Pair Soap (Whitening & Rejuvenating Soap)

Whitening and Rejuvenating Glycerin Soap. Treat yourself to luxurious natural handmade soaps, will make you double benefit from two special properties in one pack.

Apply daily whitening and rejuvenation soap for optimum result for your bright and healthy skin.

Jo's Organic Beauty Whitening & Rejuvenating Soap
Jo's Organic Beauty Whitening & Rejuvenating Soap
Jo's Organic Beauty Whitening & Rejuvenating Soap
Jo's Organic Beauty Whitening & Rejuvenating Soap

My Verdict

I really can't believe any soaps or creams can make your skin visibly and noticeably fairer in days by reacting with your genetic or environmental factors. We get tan or dark complexion when there's an excess production of melanin in body. We should get healthy and glowing skin rather than fair cause what more important is scar-free, visibly healthy and glowing skin.

Jo's Organic Whitening and Rejuvenating Soap, at first glance looked like a bar of chocolate and I instantly wanted to take a bite. The duo is totally natural and handmade slightly off-putting fragrance which lingers for a while and may be turn off for some of you who prefer fragrance free skincare products. I get badly tanned skin this summer due to my 3 recent visits to hometown (Dubai) in crazy hot summer, almost 9 hours on beach with family and back and forth driving from Dubai to Ajman (one state to another) which takes around an hour and a half (thanks to Dubai's crazy traffic jam). I've got acne marks too cause of weather and environmental change. I was just trying to get rid from those ugly acne marks and un-even skin tone.

I've been using this duo for about two months and it does what it says. I started my day with Whitening Soap and ended up with Rejuvenating Soap at night. Initially, I was skeptical about it as it has glycerin in it, secondly I was dwelling with post-acne marks and a sever allergic reaction (thanks to an expired product, used by one of a salon worker). I LOVE these soaps. The bar lather enough and are creamy. Totally natural, handmade and gentle to skin with NO chemicals. Who wouldn't love it? Initially, the texture of the soap was bit on a drier side but as soon as you start using them up regularly it lather well and leaves skin soft, smooth and supple. 

It soothes my allergic skin instantly by leaving it squeaky clean, very well nourished, well moisturized and soft to touch. Surprisingly, this soap never really make my skin oily due to glycerin in it like other glycerin soap does. It really helped my acne marks to fade away, slows down the process of new breakouts. I honestly can feel my skin Rejuvenated and Clean with just a right amount of subtle glow and more even-toned skin with no breakouts. 

In a nutshell, I can say this duo cleanse and rejuvenate so well, make rich lather and don't strip the skin of its natural oil/moisture and how it leaves my skin soft with a right amount of moisture. These handmade soaps would definitely give you a soothing experience.

You Might Like It

  • You like natural, handmade soaps.
  • You prefer chemical free skincare product.
  • Gentle on skin.
  • Lathers well.
  • Leaves your skin well moisturized.
  • Non Greasy.

You Might Not Like It

  • Availability may be an issue.
  • You may find it expensive.
  • You prefer mild fragrance.

My Rating


Jo's Organic Whitening and Rejuvenating Soap comes with a price tag of PKR 300 or $2.91For the price, I would say its a bit on the expensive side but personally I don't mind that. and can be ordered from Jo's Organic Beauty here. Join their Facebook page and stay connected.

What do you think about it? Have you tried any handmade soap yet?

This product sent to me for PR and however has not affected my opinion at all I have given my 100% genuine and honest about the product mentioned in the post above.

55 comments on "Jo's Organic Beauty Whitening & Rejuvenating Soap [Review]"
  1. Wow Amazing Review! I must give it a try now. Yes its availability is an issue as it can only be order through Jo's organic beauty facebook fan page. Do not know they have a website or not.

    1. Right now they have only Facebook Fan Page and if you're in Pakistan you can order it through them. I simply love their products <3

  2. Replies
    1. I assume yeah it is... I've oily skin so I'm not sure about it, but as glycerin does moisturizes skin so yeah may be :):) x

  3. I love using hand made products-makes it that much special

  4. Good to see your blog! following you from sits blogging :)

  5. I am a fan of handmade products because you know what is in them, that said, other than using soap on my hands, I don't use it elsewhere x

    1. Now, that's so true. I usually don't use soaps for my face but these were exception and I don't regret :) x

  6. These sound like they work pretty well! I always find it a bit strange reading about lightening products when here in the UK most people aspire to a deeper tan! Cultural differences are so interesting :)

    Jess xo

  7. Sounds good! Don't think it's something I would use though.


  8. Looks like a good product! Nice that they're handmade..I like natural not just chemicals as who knows what could be in them and the results sound promising :)

  9. Oh this is new to me, I have never heard of soaps that can brighten up the skin, except for face stuff.

  10. I have never heard of this brand before or of this kind of product specifically. I kind of cringed when I read "soap" and associated with my gace because it can be harsh on the skin but this looks pretty awesome :) I want ti try it now haha

    1. Haha!! That was my exact response when I heard it first but I'm happy that I'd given it a try :)

  11. I haven't heard of it before, but it does sound amazing! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  12. Ooh these sound amazing, I might try to get hold of them! :)
    I love the design too with the font!

  13. All the great reviews on these soaps are tempting me to try these... For PKR 300/- they are expensive for a soap but still less expensive then a good whitening face wash...

    1. Surely they are expensive for a soap but since its all handmade and NATURAL then its worth the short. Give it a try :) x

  14. would love to try these ... the black color for soap is really attarctive

    Shumaila Jaffer
    Beauty Redefined

    1. It's almost Dark Chocolate Brown and I was SO tempted to had a bite ^_^ Haha!!

  15. This sounds great, especially as you have noticed the difference. I can't say I'd buy this though as I like to do the opposite and go darker! lol x

  16. i find that quite cheap as compared to some of the whitening soaps out there. haven't used one in years lol

  17. I don't think I would be able to use this product myself, any lighter and I would become invisible eek! That's really good that it is handmade and not greasy though! :)

    Frankie x

  18. Ah this sounds great - I love it when you find a really cool handmade company with great products!

  19. i would never use whitening products - im pale enough but hand made things are always a bonus x

  20. Those doesn't really look like a soap at all! They're really cool plus effective as well.

  21. I always love using handmade product.
    Because it's always chemical free <3

    GIGLove, Indira

  22. actually there are a handful of such bar soap that were highly raved. but i never wanted to try them out because keeping them is so tricky!

  23. I am also trying out Jo's Organic products these days. They have a pretty interesting range.

  24. This is such a cool soap! Took me some time to figure out what it was :D

  25. This is such a cool product! The packaging is just so cool! =D

  26. what an unique soap..
    with the color black and white..
    i hope it also sell in my country ..

  27. Haven't heard of the brand ! But scared to try new ones! Glad that you rated it 4 out 5 ! But still not sure I'd use whitening products !

    GIG Love

    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  28. I've never tried their products. Those soaps sound really good.

  29. The soap looks great but a little on the expensive side. Nicely reviewed dear :) GIG love!

  30. The soap looks great but a little on the expensive side. Nicely reviewed dear :) GIG love!

  31. That is such a great soap but a little on the expensive side. Nicely reviewed dear. GIG love :)

  32. I love handmade products and these soaps look amazing.

  33. I love learning about new organic or local brands, thank you for sharing. Love the pictures! <3 GIGLove

  34. i feel soap is vy hard to use on body..i prefer shower gell..

  35. It seems to be a very nice soap <3
    NICE Review <3

  36. I had the Jo's Organic Beauty Whitening & Rejuvenating Soap and I must admit that is great. The difference can be seen after only one use. Skin is beautiful after using soap. Biiiiig fan of it :D

  37. I used to sale handmade soap years back... when made correctly they can be such an amazing product.

  38. wow never heard of the brand before and they look so cool! Not sure if it's available here ><

  39. I love soaps with natural and organic ingredients. However, I prefer if they have mild scent and can kill germs and bacteria as well

  40. The soap looks unique and looks like fisherman's candy xD
    Nice info! Thanks for sharing :D

    Thanks for sharing <3

  41. I like whitening cream, I guess whitening soap is even better

  42. Great review! This sounds like a really good soap. I'll have to see if I can get my hands on it.

  43. nice and detail review <3 check me out

  44. I'm glad to hear this was pretty effective for you! I'm on the look out for something to lighten my post-acne marks too :(

  45. All natural..yet not an appealing soap to look at..looks like it was invaded by mold. Lucky your review change my perception of the soap.. I'd love to try on my sensitive skin. Thanks

  46. Where is it available in UAE? I would love to try this out.

  47. I love handmade products! I've also tried whitening soaps but it tends to stretch out my skin leaving it very dry... may look into this one thanks :)

    Shanna |


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