Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold [Review]

Monday, February 9, 2015

If you born and/or brought up in Middle East, the love for perfumes and delicious musky scents is inevitable and becomes an indispensable part of your personality. Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold was launched in summer 2014 and its exclusive to Middle East only. How bewildering is that, brands across the globe pick customized products to fit in the needs of consumer region of that country. You know that's going to be a hit.

Euphoria Liquid Gold

Euphoria Liquid Gold is an oriental - woody fragrance for women, described as strong, sensual and mysterious. It contains accords of cinnamon on top, which represents refinement. Black orchid in the heart provides a touch of mystery, placed on the woody base sandalwood.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold
Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold
Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold

My Verdict

To begin with the packaging, I must say I'm hooked. It comes in 100 ml dull gold bottle. The dark and so sensuous. As for the fragrance, I'd say its warm, seductive and heavy musky scent settles into a soothing sandalwood scent once applied. It's all about Black Orchid, Sandalwood & Cinnamon which lasts for incredibly long period. It might be overwhelming for those who doesn't appreciate heavy scents.

It is one of those perfumes which I would prefer for a night out or hi-tea. This is not something I'd wear during day. The scent opens with a warm spicy cinnamon notes which is refine and overpowering and evolves into black orchid that provides a deep touch of mystery and finally placed on the woody powdery sandalwood base. All and all a concoction of sandalwood, black orchid and cinnamon is so sexy, mysteriously sultry and almost intoxicating. Perfect of long, hot Arabian night.
Evoking the depth and mystery of the fragrance, the luminous Liquid Gold advertising campaign captures the glistening men’s and women’s bottles resting on a shimmering pool of liquid gold. 

Euphoria Liquid Gold available at Vavavoom, Debenhams, Wojooh, all Sephora outlets & Harvey Nichols.

Have you tried it out yet? Thoughts?

32 comments on "Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold [Review]"
  1. Gorgeous looking bottle , will try and find a tester so I can smell it.

  2. I've never tried this perfume before, it sounds lovely xxx

  3. Oh it is so nice that they tailored the perfume especially for an area!! love the idea!

  4. I prob wouldnt go for this as the packaging doesnt excite me but Id deff give it a sniff now!


  5. wow, the packaging is beautiful! I love all gold everything ♥

  6. I'm such a huge fan of the original euphoria and really hoped to like thus but unfortunately the scent just really didn't do it for me, love the gold bottle though x

    JustJulie | UK Beauty Blog

  7. This is one scent I haven't come across from Calvin Klein but it sounds quite nice.

  8. Have never smelt this perfume before, the packaging is lovely.


  9. I havent smelt this but it sounds really lovely x

  10. wow! This sounds amazing - I really LOVE sandalwood and cinnamon sounds like it would be a lovely addition to make it even sexier! I'm not normally into CK fragrances, but I need to go down to a counter and smell this one STAT. It sounds like it is really something special ♥ - stop by and chat!

  11. The packaging of this perfume is so beautiful and scent sounds good too. Nice review :)

  12. A perfume customized for a region, sounds exciting. Surely would love a tester to check if it works in my country too. GIGLove
    iCynosure Fashion Blog | iCynosure on G+ | iCynosure on Bloglovin

  13. I've never really been a massive fan of Calvin Klein so I don't tend to try the perfumes but I really like the packaging and bottle. It looks so expensive and classy. I'll keep an eye out and have a spray.

    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  14. Wow, that looks very glorious. I also find it interesting how brands make exclusive releases... but sometimes find that disappointing cause i just want to try some products unavailable to me.

  15. omg I love CK perfumes in general, and this looks more awesome than usual, not too sure I would like the scent though :(

  16. i have one of their perfumes and love it, need to smell this one now

  17. I didn't realise brands released different products for different regions like that, though it makes perfect sense! This does dound very interesting!

  18. The container looks unique :D
    Wish I could try directly how it smells :D
    Thanks for sharing :D


  19. I'm not a big musky scent kind of person, but got to say that that packaging is absolutely stunning! x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  20. the bottle is gorgeous! but from the way you describe the scent, i don't think i'll be a fan of it.

  21. I've tried few types of Euphoria but didn't get my hands on Liquid Gold as yet

  22. I've tried few types of Euphoria but didn't get my hands on Liquid Gold as yet

  23. i love the gold packaging! think this would be a hit or miss for me but i wouldnt mind smelling it

  24. Sounds really good and the bottle looks so amazing.

  25. The packaging look elegant and with gold color! it look luxuries . I love the scent <3
    Blog :Beauty Secret

  26. I wish technology will invent a virtual scent thing, so that I could smell it! =D

  27. erm i think euphoria not really my taste..a little too strong for me!!!

  28. What a beautiful bottle. I adore the packaging, and love trying new scents. <3 GIGLove

  29. OMG the packaging is truly pretty. And a special perfume for the middle east? You guys are really lucky. :) GIG Love

  30. the packaging is so fancy and glam!
    i love it so much. seems having a great fragrance as well.


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