Christmas Advent Calendar Swap 2015!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This is the time of the year FINALLY ^_^

This is the time of the year again. Some where around 2013 I saw the rise of beauty advent calendar and now each year there are so many to chose from. If you don't know what Advent Calendar is,behind each door up until Christmas you are met with travel or sometimes full sized product that you can try and use. A pre-chirstmas gift.

I am a part of group called Be A Beauty Correspondent where we exchange beauty products with people around the globe with almost zero chances of swap lifting because all members must have to provide their full name and mailing address before being allowed to join for security reasons. So, when they announced we can arrange Advent Calendar Swap like last year I instantly decided to partake it. I've got partnered up with of sweetest and incredible fellow swapper Nina from Austria. After a brief discussion about likes and dislikes and wishlist we started shopping and shipped out the stuff right before Christmas. We agreed for 16-17 gifts (every alternate day gift) as we were going out of budget. She packed all the goodies wrapped up with date tags and a little personal note. I'm going to give you a brief run down of the contents I've got, and don't worry, I don't giveaway the entire contents until Christmas.

Christmas Advent Calendar Swap 2015
Christmas Advent Calendar Swap 2015
Christmas Advent Calendar Swap 2015
Christmas Advent Calendar Swap 2015
Christmas Advent Calendar Swap 2015
Christmas Advent Calendar Swap 2015

I've already opened my 1st gift of the month which I shared on my SnapChat and Instagram and on the first day of Christmas I've got Milka Chocolate Advent Calendar.

 I'm going to share my advent calendar daily on my SnapChat and Instagram. If you're not already following me so make sure you follow me on SnapChat @itsmesaannaa9 and on Instagram itsmesaannaa.

 Let me know if you guys have partake in a swap like this in the past, or have done this year?!

22 comments on "Christmas Advent Calendar Swap 2015!"
  1. OMG, what a great idea, i received some Santa Sister's option, but couldnt make it just because of some family issues, but for sure soon will participate such activity. <3
    am excited for the gifts you received and sent to your partner :*


    1. Do give it a try at least once Fakhra .. It's so much fun and I'll be uploading daily on my Instagram and on my Snapchat :o)

  2. This is such a wonderful idea and I think it is something that I would love to take part in myself xxx

    1. I know yeah right Laura?? This was so much fun and I'm still excited for my remaining gifts ^_^

  3. Aww such a sweet gesture! I haven't taken part in a swap like this but it seems so nice! Opening a present each day really makes the day great!


  4. This is cute idea and such a lovely gesture too x

  5. Replies
    1. I'll be uploading daily on my Instagram and on my Snapchat Zaubaida :o) :o) xx

  6. I always wanted to own one of these cool advent calenders! But I think it's harder to find in my country. =)

  7. nina ia great swapper!!im in the grp too...happy u were in there too..

    1. Yeah I'm there too, and I agree on it.. Nina is a great swapper and total sweetheart <3

  8. this is a great idea! i would never have thought of this. exciting

  9. Seems like a fantastic Swap group. It's indeed fun to swap gifts with somebody on the other side of the world.

    xoxo - GIG Love - Chaithra Style.. A Pastiche

    1. Chaicy, totally yes girl .. We're handful but all are co-operative and responsive. We are currently in to monthly birthday swap and Secret Santa :o) :o) x

  10. such a lovely idea! I never experienced any such thing but hope i'll have some chance in future! does that group allow joining ?


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