zChocolat zBox 15 [First Impression]

Monday, February 22, 2016

I'll say it straight out, this is one the prettiest chocolate box I've received so far. Can you say YUM?  And would probably be my next recommendation as the ideal gift for the ones you love wholeheartedly.  

zChocolat zBox 15

The zBox 15 brings together a selection of the best-loved recipes from our Numbered Collection. Elegantly encased in our signature black and white ballotin, it’s a beautiful way to sample some of zChocolat’s most celebrated flavors.

zChocolat zBox 15
zChocolat zBox 15
zChocolat zBox 15
zChocolat zBox 15
zChocolat zBox 15
zChocolat zBox 15
zChocolat zBox 15
zChocolat zBox 15
zChocolat zBox 15
zChocolat zBox 15

My Verdict 

If a firm deems itself as even remotely haute couture, then really one shouldn’t have too much doubt about it. Elegance. Intelligence. Excellence. These are what zChocolat has committed themselves to. zChocolat are made by World Champion Chocolatier & Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Pascal Caffet. While the usual gourmet variety of chocolates are commonly found in the mall, these are available on the internet and delivered worldwide at your convenience in an artisan packaging that leaves one subtly impressed by its quality from start to end. It just leaves one with the impression that although the chocolates might be delectably consumed over time, the memories remain forever.

They came in a big box layered with layered ice retainer sheets and ice slabs. I was dazed when I opened the package. Inside you will find a beautiful black pouch with zChocolat logo, their instructional manual and your very personal Vorte Message.

 The assortments is a combination of zChocolat's eleven original signature milk and dark numbered chocolates and three assortments are a combination of milk, dark and white Z chocolates. I'd never tasted such chocolate. They contain no alcohol, low sugar, no preservatives, high cocoa content, and 100% pure cocoa butter. Each piece is very different from the next and I really like that they included a little booklet telling you what each chocolate was and what was in it. 

  • Dark Z Chocolate - 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate couverture encasing a duo of a lush caramel and crunchy praliné: the caramel is sweet and salty with Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar, the praliné is composed from slowroasted Piedmont hazelnuts. 
  • White Z Chocolate - Velvety white chocolate couverture encasing a duo of a lush caramel and crunchy praliné: the caramel is sweet and salty with Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar, the praliné is composed from slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts.
  • Milk Z Chocolate - 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate couverture encasing a duo of a lush caramel and crunchy praliné: the caramel is sweet
    and salty with Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar, the praliné is composed from slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts.
  • Chocolate n°0 - Made from slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts, this rich praliné is surrounded by a 40% Ivory Coastmilk chocolate couverture peppered with crunchy visible bits of California almonds.
  • Chocolate n°1 - A velvety Madagascar Bourbon-Vanilla ganache, infused with a hint of Provençale lavender, enveloped in 62% Venezuelan dark chocolate with an additional 70% cover Venezuelandark chocolate couverture.
  • Chocolate n°2 - An unforgettable Italian gianduja praliné; handmade with Piedmont hazelnuts and 70% intense Venezuelan dark chocolate – surrounded by rich 40% Ivory Coastmilk chocolate.
  • Chocolate n°3 - Rich, smooth caramel intermingled with tangy passion fruit, coconut and creamy mango purée – covered in 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate.
  • Chocolate n°4 - A couverture of rich 40% Ivory Coastmilk chocolate surrounding a handmade praliné of tasty Spanish, Valencia almonds and crunchy peanuts from China.
  • Chocolate n°5 -  A rich, deeply flavored, 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate couverturemade from the Carenero Superior bean from Caracas with a 62% dark Venezuelan ganache filling.
  • Chocolate n° 6 - A balanced praliné made from slow-roasted Valencia almonds from Spain, rich 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate, all covered with intense 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate studded with minced California almonds
  • Chocolate n°7 - Coarsely minced sweet and salty Iranian pistachios blended with a creamy pistachio-almond paste, encircled by a couverture of 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate.
  • Chocolate n°8 - An inspired combination of finely ground caramelized hazelnuts from the Piedmont region of Italy, phyllo dough, an unctuous coffee ganache fashioned from Kenyan coffee and Maragogype coffee beans from Nicaragua (covered in a 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate).
  • Chocolate n°9 - A praliné crafted from slow-roasted caramelized Valencia almonds from Spain ground into a fine powder, mixed with milk chocolate and pure cocoa butter. All drenched in a 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate couverture.
  • Chocolate n°10 - A dense, solid and intense 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate, generously studded with minced, crunchy Valencia almond bits. Pairs great with robust red wines.
  • Chocolate n°11 - A bite-sized dessert unto itself: fresh, seedless raspberry purée whisked with robust 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate and cocoa butter into a lavish ganache; coated with a 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate couvertur.

The chocolates I got, simply put are delicious.  Not only are the chocolates themselves top notch,plus they make sure that the ingredients used for fillings such as fruits, caramelized almonds, or hazelnut praliné are of the finest quality. They don’t add any artificial coloring, preservatives and alcohol/ animal fat in their chocolates which is a really great thing. The major plus point is you can personalize each gift by giving them your own message, add some accessories to the packaging like heart padlock, a seal, ribbon, photos of them, and add an engraved name on the box. You can even send anonymously to your loved ones as a pleasant surprise.

My Rating 


 zChocolat zBox 15 priced $51.20 and can be ordered from the zChoclat official website here.So anyone out there that wants to treat their loved one, a family member or a friend to a bespoke gift of chocolates, then I would say this is definitely an option and the receiver will not be disappointed, I know I wasn't! They deliver worldwide and when you order 3 or more boxes shipped to the same address delivery is free.

What's your favorite chocolate? Would you like to try zChocolat? 

29 comments on "zChocolat zBox 15 [First Impression]"
  1. Sana, oh my GOD! they look dam so yummy. I am always in search to try different favors of chocolate. They look like must to try.

    Kanwalikram's Blog

    1. They were super yum and delish Kanwal... Gone within minutes after I'd taken pictures :K

  2. Mmmm these look delicious!

    Shareena | www.forever-you.co.uk

  3. I wanna try all this! Looks so yummy and delicious leh..

  4. These all sound gorgeous! I love the presentation, too, you can't get more luxe than this!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    1. I know yeah right :a ? The packaging and everything is just so exquisite :1

  5. I am an absolute choco-a-holic so would love this for sure x

  6. As a chocolate addict, I approve of everything in this post! Yum!!

  7. :O This looks so yummy and I can imagine how good all this chocolate tastes x

    Pink Frenzy

  8. The best thing to ever have to do is eat chocolate! Awesome now I would like to have some for myself! =)

    1. I'm a chocoholic myself :k You must try them out and you won't be disappointed :1

  9. These chocolates looks yummy and the way they are packed is really nice.

    1. Yeah they are Zubaida :a Thank you for stopping by doll :1

  10. Wow! There are so many different kinds of chocolate! Would love to try these :D


  11. Oh, each piece looks delicious and the packaging is beautiful. :)

  12. waaaa I agree with you! it's the prettiest choco box I'm seen so far, at least in the pictures. It's so cool and I really wanna take a bite!!!

    1. They are even prettier in real :f Pictures do no justice to them. You can even choose personal engraved box whilst ordering them :a

  13. I love the packaging and Chocolates too really yummy too.

    - GIG Love - Chai - styleapastiche.com

  14. just by looking at the box, i'll never ever think it contain just chocolate, bespoke or not! it's too pretty! how can anyone bear to eat them?

  15. This concept is so amazing! I would love to subscribe this service :)

    1. You must try them out and I'm sure you wont be disappointed :1

  16. If they taste as good as they look then your onto a winner.

  17. This is very great product with the high quality.
    the packaging very elegant and classic.

  18. oh my my! the most attractive thing i've seen today ha ha! mouthwatering!

    Do drop by... GreenStory


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