Ways to Maintain your Faux Leather (PU) Handbags

Monday, July 25, 2016

Handbags are women’s major accessory. It is their carrying vessel in which they can put any essentials with them. 

There is a variety of brands which offers different types of handbags. In Pakistan, you will find brands where they offer real leather bags as well as those which offer bags made of faux leather. Nowadays, most of the handbags offered in the market are made of faux leather or polyurethane (PU) leather. Brands like Tesoro, Limelight and others offer good quality bags at affordable prices. 

This is because PU leather is less expensive, more durable and synthetic alternative. Women now prefer to buy such leather because of their less controversial status and their durability. But that does not mean PU comes without any defects. Like any other synthetic material or product, it is also prone to damage from harsh climate and chemicals. Therefore, it is important to know a few preventative measures as well as quick fix hacks for mending faux leather handbags so that they can last longer. 

Clean your Faux Leather Handbag

Make sure that before you clean it, you have emptied all the inside and outside pockets. Shake well upside down so that all the dirt and trash is removed. 

Check for any labels on or inside the bags which shows instructions to care for the bag. Keep in mind those instructions when cleaning out the bag. 

If the bag has an interior lining then take it out and pass a lint roller on the lining to remove all the dirt and crumbs. But if there is no lining then wipe off all the dirt with a dampened cloth. 

Clean the Stains

In order to remove the stains on the exterior surface, you can use any alcohol-based material like alcohol solution or hair spray or glass cleaner. Use a fresh cloth when rubbing alcohol on the stain. Repeat if needed to remove a stubborn stain. After that remember to rinse the area, or wipe it thoroughly with a damp cloth to remove alcohol residuals. 

Special Oils and Conditioner for Cracked Leather

If your bag is experiencing cracks due to harsh humidity or exposure to sunlight or chemicals, then apply some special oil. There are many oils available in the market to amend leather from cracking as it forms a protective layer from damage prone materials from reaching the surface. But the most effective one to use is the baby oil. This is not too harsh as it is meant for babies and it would provide the much-needed protection to the handbag. You can also use conditioner spray for the same purpose. 

It is recommended that you store your faux leather bags in old pillowcases or cotton bags.  Don’t place them in plastic bags. This will trap the humidity inside the bag causing more damage to the handbag. The cloth bag, on the other hand, will allow the handbags to breathe. 

Also at the time of storing, the handbag, you should stuff them with newspapers or other stuffing to retain its shape. 

If you want the shape to be retained, then don’t hand your bag but store it upright or lay it flat. 

So these are some useful tips that you can follow easily to maintain your Faux Leather bag using everyday items in your household. These will ensure a long lasting effect on your handbags.

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