Figs & Rouge Lemon Berry Lip Balm [Review]

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fancy smooth, moisturized baby lips? Let's jump on the bandwagon for perfectly smooth baby lips and stumbled upon Figs and Rouge Lip Balms and I do think they live up to their hype.

Figs & Rouge Lemon Berry Lip Balm

100% Natural. 100% Pure.

Soft Berry Tint! Figs & Rouge Lemon Berry Lip Balm is perfect for all moisture needs.

Petroleum Free Lip Balm. 

Figs & Rouge Lemon Berry Lip Balm
Figs & Rouge Lemon Berry Lip Balm
Figs & Rouge Lemon Berry Lip Balm

My Verdict 

Figs & Rouge lip balms come both in tins and lip balm tubes and I fall in love with their packaging as soon as I'd seen them when I got my hands on one its variant Cocoa Vanilla. They are vibrantly eye-catching and beautiful packaging. I love the vintage touch in them and found it completely flattering with embossed brand name Figs & Rouge. Moreover, what I love most is every flavor has their completely own different design with a same embossed brand name with a vibrant color and backgrounds representing flavor and balm names. Isn't it something really flattering?

When it comes to lip balm I try my best to choose petroleum-free lip balm to my stash and this is one natural and organic lip balm. I've tried a few lip balms from different brands but I've to say this is one of my favorites because of its 100% organic ingredients as Figs & Rouge have been certified organic brand from the Soil Association and if you are looking for 100% pure organic and natural lip balm then you must try it out and you will not be disappointed with their quality and measure really show what and who they are.

I've got it in Lemon Berry variant this time and I completely adore it as well. It comes in bright pink and yellow tin. This is one of the few tinted lip balm Figs & Rouge offers. The balm has a delicious light lemon scent! Being in tin packaging I know this is not a most hygienic option to dig you finger into tin again and again as chances of getting contamination are fairly high. But someone like me who adores vintage packaging? Oh well!! I think I can live with that using it with caution and not to use it outdoors. 

Initially, when I opened the lip balm container the texture seems flat gritty and hard to me, but upon application, I found it so soft and luxurious without being overly greasy but slightly thick.It leaves your lips soft moist and deliciously baby soft as if you've applied butter on your lips without leaving a greasy film on, which is a HUGE plus in my opinion. Because of its smooth and soft texture you can easily apply it on your hands, dry elbows, nails, cuticle or on your dry patches as it has a soothing and calming effect by providing long-lasting effects. And when I'm saying it lasts really LONG then I do mean it. I put it on just before going to bed and it keeps my lips from drying up in the night until morning. I don't have dry lips but when I wake up in the morning I can feel how smooth and soft my lips are as it hydrates and nourishes my lips that way and because of its long-lasting properties, makes it ideal for wear under those deadly dry matte lipsticks.

The size is perfect and travel-friendly and trust me it's going to last you for so long as the lip balm container holds a 17 ml product which is more than enough to last you about five to six months easily even if use religiously. I'm looking forward to trying it out in winters when my lips are flaky and dry due to weather changes and I'm hoping it's going to amaze me in the same way as it does in summers. 

You Might Like It
  • You have dry/flaky lips.
  • You are looking for a long-lasting and moisturizing formula.
  • You are a fan of delicious scent and taste.
  • You are looking for a product that can soothe and nourishes your lips, hands, and body.
  • You like 100% natural product.
  • You don't like to have a greasy film on your lips or body.
  • You are looking for petroleum-free balm.
  • You are looking tint-free lip balm.

You Might Not Like It
  • Availability may be an issue.
  • You don't like hydrating and moisturizing properties.
  •  You are looking for tinted product.

My Rating 


Overall, I think it's so versatile product which leaves my lips soft and smooth like butter without being greasy and preventing it from drying up in the night. If you have extremely dry/flaky lips I highly recommend it to you. Figs & Rouge lip balm tins cost £4.95/30-35AED and you can get it from Boots and online at Feel Unique.

Have you tried Figs & Rouge Lip Balms ? What you've to say about it?

 This product sent to me for PR and however has not affected my opinion at all I have given my 100% genuine and honest about the product mentioned in the post above .

16 comments on "Figs & Rouge Lemon Berry Lip Balm [Review]"
  1. First of all the photography is highly commendable! I makes you wanna by it. I don't like pigmented makeup on my lips so I guess this product is made for me. Thanks for the amazing review!

  2. That lip balm looks so aesthetically pleasing! I just love looking and having new lip balms, sounds so good as well I might check it out:)

  3. this is interesting. really love. let me bookmark it

  4. It`s good to know that this is organic and all-natural. I prefer cosmetics that doesn`t have any artificial ingredients. I haven`t tried Figs & Rouge but I still own all-natural lip balms.

  5. This sounds great! It is awful when products feel greasy on your lips. Glad this one doesn't do that!

  6. I love the packaging for this lip balm! It looks like it smells absolutely amazing.

  7. Love your rating system xx Great and original!!!

  8. Great information. It is about that time when I need to invest in some good lip balm. It is pretty fridged here in Chi-town

  9. I do need a new lip balm so I will try this out. xx

  10. I love natural products and I like different lip balms especially in the winter time. It soothes my lips. Hydrating your lips is always good.

  11. This looks wonderful, I love the scent of lemon

  12. I'm going to share your posts because I think more people will know about this. Your blog is great. Thanks for always share your experience

  13. This is really cute and I love that it's made from natural ingredients!

  14. I've never heard of this brand. Love vanilla scent so i'd love this. To be honest I don't like tinted lip balms anyway so that wouldn't be an issue for me. The packaging is great too. Like you say it's very eye catching

  15. sound interesting. This may cure nigerian hamathan


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