How Bridal Retail Stores Provide Customized Services !!!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

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How bridal retail stores provide customized services -- cooperate with Jusere to start the custom wedding dress journey

The wedding dress custom service has always been enjoyed by the rich, but now more and more brides are eager for custom service. Unlike the past, brides-to-be only get new information through the bridal shops or magazines, the highly developed Internet provides more platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest and so on. The brides-to-be know more information about the wedding dress, so these styles in showcase can’t meet their needs anymore. Whether provide custom services and have their own specific wedding dress styles, has become a serious problem what the wedding dress owners must face.

Wedding Dress in the Making

In the past, the wedding dress retailers only sell the wedding dress from manufacturers or wholesalers, they have to say sorry when to face some customization needs. So would wedding dress manufacturers like to help retailers to provide custom services? Some are willing to, but most of the factories are not, even if the charges would be very high. On the one hand is because the process is too cumbersome, the single production cost is higher, on the other hand, there is no designer to help customers perfect the demand and provide professional advice, at last, the dress may not match the customer needs.

Which factories are willing to provide customized services? If these factories can provide customized services, then could customers contact them directly? These factories providing customized services at a lower charge are mostly from Suzhou and Guangzhou, China has the largest wedding dress factory in the world, including some factories with good quality and good reputation. Of course, the brides-to-be could cooperate with them directly, but the risk and the cost will be relatively too high which could be seen from online reviews. Compared with the factory, the brides prefer to choose the local stores. As the store owner, as long as you can provide customized service, then you could get local customers who have customization needs.

How to find these factories that provide customized service? It is not easy to find a suitable factory, especially for some people who never do overseas trade business. If you want to contact some China manufacturers, you may be interested in Suzhou's Jusere Wedding & Evening Dress Co., Ltd., as a representative of the wedding dress industry in Suzhou, enjoy a high reputation locally.

There are so many factories that can provide customized services, why choose Jusere? Jusere was founded in 2002, after many years of production practice, through the improvement of purchase channels, production processes etc. to make the wedding dress production costs down to the minimum. In addition, Jusere has a professional design team, can provide guidance according to customers’ specific needs, by drawing sketch and screening fabrics produced etc. to ensure that the produced wedding dress is the final needs of the customers.

How does Jusere guarantee the quality of products? Many people would think the quality of Chinese wedding dress is not good, but after real cooperation with Chinese manufacturers, you will find it is not true. In the wedding dress production, don’t worry that the products produced by Jusere won’t match the requirements of customers and other issues etc. because Jusere will confirm with you at every step by pictures or video to effectively guarantee the product quality. This is why Jusere could stand out from so many Chinese wedding dress factories.

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  1. Thanks for sharing a very informative post. I am already married but will surely pass this along to someone who will need this. :)

  2. I wish it. Im married and i didnt use any dress for that. Thiw information going to great for me because now i know i can modify my next wedding dress(we plain to get married by the church in january)

  3. Yes you need a nice Job with this post.lovly dresses and awesome tips.


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