Happy Fifth Anniversary - Sana's Ramblings Turns 5 !!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Yey!! My baby (blog) turns FIVE this month. After fought tooth and nail to retain the position, I still can't believe that I've completed five whopping years of my blogging journey this year in October 2016.

I never imagined and believed that I'd be making it this far. I would not say my blog is thoroughly professional but it's still there and the only reason of  existence of my blog, my continuous postings is YOU, who were, and who are really supportive throughout the journey (despite being haters or judgmental). I really want to say THANKS to each and everyone you whose love, never ending support, positive critics and active engagement brought me here today, where my blog is standing.
A massive giveaway is on the cards for you guys. Something better, bigger and exciting. I was running short of time, therefore I only managed to do what best I could do in such a short time whilst running errands. I'll be announcing an exciting giveaway soon.

Once again, I owe you guys so much for the never ending support, unconditional love and positive attitude. I love you guys!!!

-Much Love-

20 comments on "Happy Fifth Anniversary - Sana's Ramblings Turns 5 !!"
  1. Well done on reaching the 5 year milestone, that is really impressive x

  2. Awww happy blog birthday. Congrats to keep up with this blog for 5 years. xx


  3. Wow 5 years!! Congratulations. What an achievement. Can't wait to hear what the giveaway is x

  4. Awww a huge congratulations on your 5th anniversary, I have only been blogging for three and it seems like forever lol.

  5. Happy 5th Birthday - hope you continue for at least another 5 years x

  6. Yay happy 5 year blog anniversary!! :) It's such an achievement! Keep going! :)

  7. Happy Blogaversary - here's to the next five years

  8. Happy blog anniversary! Congratulations to you still blogging 5 years on

  9. Congratulations for your achievements and wishing you many more happy blogging life

  10. 5 years is an incredible achievement! I am impressed I have got to 2 years!

  11. Heartiest Congratulations for the successful and lovely blog!! Keep it up! :)

  12. Happy Blog birthday, my blog turned 6 this week too! Blogging is amazing isn't it :)

  13. I love your blog! No wonder it is stepping towards more success. Congratulations!

  14. aw happy 5th anniversary! congratulations for making it half a decade this is such a huge milestone

  15. Happy 5th Blog birthday! Well done, that is such an achievement x

  16. Well done on such an amazing milestone and here's to another 5 years

  17. 5 years of blogging is surely a milestone! Keep up the good work and continue what you love doing. :)

  18. 5 years is such an achievement.Continue blogging because you're good at it. Again, congratulations and happy 5 years! Cheers!


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