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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Homecoming ? The title says it all ^_^

Homecoming is the tradition of many universities, colleges and high schools where they welcoming back of friends, former residents and alumni to visit the campus which includes different activities for them. Such as, various sports events typically relating to a football match, cultural events, parade on the street etc. 

Homecoming usually occurs in Spring which means loads of evening events, chats, dresses drama and what not. It's so much fun digging up the dresses, getting inspiration for makeup, struggling to have a perfect pair of shoes with a dazzling hairdo whilst remembering the thrills of such a cliche moment.

It's is all about having fun whilst being in a comfort zone, but with a touch of glam and class and to keep it girly, edgy, trendy and fresh with an exquisite style without breaking the bank. D-DayDress is the brand that has a tremendous and beautiful collection of homecoming dresses. Spot on & classy. They are the top supplier of cheap homecoming dresses, winter formal, modest prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses and all other social occasion events. This cheap homecoming dresses under 100 collection carry gorgeous long dresses, short styles, one shoulder, ball gowns, mermaids and sparkly dresses. Let's have a look:

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