How Actress Melissa Bolona Hit 100K Followers On Instagram

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Since its release in 2010, Instagram has quickly become a form of mainstream social media. Those who attain a high social media following on Instagram, and other social media apps are granted the title of Social Media Influencer and, recently, the elite group was joined by model and actress Melissa Bolona.
The Melissa Bolona Instagram page has recently surpassed 100K followers and contains a variety of pictures and videos from the star’s life. Here is more on Bolona’s acting and Instagram success:

  • Born in Connecticut, Bolona traveled extensively as a child, spending her life in Peru and continued the trend through her college career when she studied abroad in Paris. Now, Bolona is a frequent flyer as she splits her time between two homes, one in New York and the other in Los Angeles. Bolona has always had a passion for acting, but first became known as a model. Since her acting debut, Bolona has taken on various major roles including Lina in Dog Eat Dog opposite of Nicholas Cage, and Amber in TheYear of the Spectacular Men. Bolona’s recent projects include The Institute, out in 2017 and Hurricane Heist, due in 2018. Bolona is also known for her love for animals and her work as a philanthropist.
  • Between acting, modeling and helping animals, Bolona is truly a Renaissance woman which is perhaps why she has become so popular among her fans. While Bolona is famous, she is also extremely humble, down to earth and occasionally, a bit goofy. These traits are all reflected in the star’s Instagram account which is perhaps why Bolona has gained such a large following.

For more information on Melissa Bolona and to check out a list of her upcoming roles, you can visit Melissa Bolona IMDB or follow her on Instagram.

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