Tips On How To Stick To A Solid Skincare Routine

Thursday, February 1, 2018

A solid skin care routine is key to helping your skin stay young and healthy according to dermatologists and skin care websites alike. Once a habit is developed, it often becomes almost second nature. However, getting into any new routine is a challenge for most people. Here are a few tips on creating a solid skin care routine:
Pencil It In: Sticking to a new routine will take constant reminders. You should have something to remind you about your new skin care regimen whether it is a sticky note on your mirror, a daily reminder on your calendar or even an alarm on your phone.
Use The Good Stuff: Make sure that you are using all-natural skin care products with quality ingredients. While good skin care products can be expensive, you can find great bargains with companies like Timeless Skin Care.
Do Your Research: It may take some research, and a bit of trial and error, to find the combination of products that is best for your skin. For instance, ferulic acid is a potent antioxidant and can work great with Vitamin C and E. However, if your skin is naturally oily, you probably want to skip any serum with Vitamin E which as a natural fat, increases oil production. If, on the other hand, your skin is dry, Vitamin E can be a great moisturizer.
Remember Your Sun Protection: Even a good skin care routine is not solid without adequate sun protection. Wearing sunscreen to the beach sounds obvious, but you should really be lathering up every time you plan on spending time outdoors. To help avoid accidental, unprotected sun exposure, look for makeup with SPF protection and add a natural sunscreen to your bag.

Remember that a solid skin care routine depends on consistency, so start your new routine today.

1 comment on "Tips On How To Stick To A Solid Skincare Routine"
  1. This was super helpful! I definitely need to do a little more research on the skin care items that I need to be focusing on.


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