Hemani Herbal Beauty Cream Range - [First Impression]

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Natural skin care or organic skin care products are all I am using lately and that I couldn't be happier. Chemical skin care products are totally in style for their fast impact however they do have their fair proportion of facet effects.  Worse yet, the products you use to provide your skin protection may very well be doing additional damage than good. I was sent a care package of natural and herbal skin care products form Hemani Herbals as they recently launched a beauty cream range which is 100% natural for trying and that I am one happy bunny, to say the least. Let's find out more regarding it.

A new Hemani Whitening Care range is completely herbal and mercury free, no false promises that cater to fetishizing whiteness. In total, they released four products in this range :

  • Whitening Cream Pink Jar For Women
  • Whitening Cream With Gold Extract
  • Whitening Soap &
  • Whitening Cream Blue Jar For Men

I really can't believe any creams can make your skin visibly and noticeably fairer in days by reacting with your genetic or environmental factors. We get tan or dark complexion when there's an excess production of melanin in body I do agree there are some home remedies which can make your complexion fairer but I believe we should get more healthy and glowing skin rather than fair cause what more important is scar-free, visibly healthy and glowing skin and I do prefer that. I got more than this summer, all thanks to Dubai and it's crazy hot summer. I've got acne marks too cause of weather and environmental change and eating habits changed so I was just trying to get rid of those ugly acne marks and uneven skin tone.

I've got Whitening Cream with Gold Extract to try out and I've been using it for like a week and I'm quite pleased with results in terms of getting rid of blemishes and post-acne marks. I was not expecting this to be honest that it will reduce. I love the texture and color of the cream which is quite pearly white, at first I thought might I got an expired one but after seeing the packaging details I found it's not its the texture of it and I loved it when after applying it gives a nice radiant and fresh glow to my skin. The cream seems to be a little less moisturizing and dry but it absorbs quickly and completely and gives a nice matte finish to my skin so I believe it can be ideal if you apply it before applying your makeup on for more radiant and fresh look.

 Rose cream is a gel-based moisturizing with a slight hint of oriental rose smell which tends to be with me for hours and hours but it's not bothersome at all. Applied beautifully and absorbs quickly. 

I started my day with Whitening Soap and followed by Whitening Cream with Gold Extract for a day and Rose Cream at night. Initially, I was skeptical as I mentioned earlier secondly, I was dwelling with post-acne marks and a severe allergic reaction (thanks to an expired product, used by one of a salon worker). I LOVE the trio actually. The bar lather enough and are creamy. Totally natural, and gentle to skin with NO chemicals. However, I'd like to test these for long-term whitening results. But, I love the fact that it's mercury-free, without any harmful chemicals and 100% natural with cost-effective policy.

I also got some other products to try out which I'll be reviewing in-depth individually after trying out:

  • Herbal Face Mask With Macadamia 
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Aroma Therapy Oil in Memory
  • Facial Scrub with Olive Extracts
  • Green Tea Lemon
  • Femme Fresh Body Spray
  • Rose Moisturizing Cream
  • Pure Honey

All and all, I'm quite pleased with Hemani Herbal products especially Hemani Herbal whitening cream which is 100% natural and mercury free and easy on the pocket. If you'd like to see a review on any of the products please do let me know and I shall do it for your first. 

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