How this blog began ?

I started blogging in October 2011 after reading so many beauty blogs and watching Vlog channels of loads of beauty guru's on youtube . I intended to share my passion for makeup and my honest opinion and reviews with the rest of the world , I love writing since so long and I had a dairy which named My Random Ramblings in which I used to write my opinions , thoughts and reviews . When I decided to brag about this blog I named it after my diary with a little addition which is now 'Sana's Fashion Ramblings' which satisfies my urge of writing & dream come true through this blog .

Who is Sana ?

I am 25 year old , Medical graduate in 2008 with a degree of Medical Technology and worked as Neurophysio Technologist in a renowned hospital from last 3 years & this blog is my passion .

What this blog about ?

Its a fashion beauty blog which covers beauty as well as new fashion trends with a traces of fashion/beauty tips .

What is your ethnic origin ? Where you from ?

I born & brought up in Dubai , UAE few months before I moved to Pakistan as my roots are from there so therefore my nationality is Pakistani . I belongs to Sheikh family which are directly connected with Arab's . Being brought up in a cosmopolitan i.e Dubai made me a multi lingual soul however I can speak Arabic , English , Urdu , Persian , French & a little bit of Italian .

Who manage this blog ?

I am the only one who manage and runs this blog . I am the 1st person from my family who entered in the world of blogging nobody from my family into it before . Sometimes I found it quite difficult but always over come on it , by any means .

Do you receive any samples for review ?

Yes I do ! I was sent free samples for reviews from different companies however has not affected my opinion at all . I always given my 100% genuine & honest about the product mentioned in my posts . Go through my Disclosure Policy here .

Do you get paid for the reviews ?

No! I have not got paid for reviews and I m not going to accept it ever in future as well . Paid reviews spoil the purpose of the review .

Where do you mostly shop from ?

I mostly shop from Dubai , when I visit in every 6 months for my visa renewal & from Pakistan I mostly shop from ISM (Imtiaz Super Market) or from online websites like Just4girls.pk or other websites like Blanc 2 Noir .

Are you earning though your blog ?

Yes !! Not in a form of money but in a form of love , appreciation , courage and alot of support . Just cause of my readers and followers Im still in this world other wise I wouldn't able to be in this world .

Who designed your blog ?

I am using a free blog template of blogger blog template with some additions but soon in near future I am going to turn it into my official blog website .

What brands you mostly review on your blog ? Is there any particular brand ?

I try to review both drug store and high end brands . My priority is to review a brand which my readers can easily get in their surrounding without any hassle , unfortunately not all high end brands available where I live nowadays (Pakistan) . I never try to review the products which has no website , description , detail , words and ingredients written on product . Being an honest blogger its my responsibility to tell you about the product which I consider best for my self, I can never recommend the product to my readers which I don't want to use or which I don't think appropriate for me .

Any message , tips for new/fellow bloggers ?

Be true & original . You can take idea for variety from other bloggers but DON't COPY . Be honest and passionate about what you are doing and don't blog just cause you can get free products but do it for passion .