Guest Blogging

If you are blogger or writer or have passion for writing but don't have any medium to write on or want to share your experience , thoughts with the world then there is no need to get worried about . You are at right place. If you are interested in doing a guest post on my blog kindly go through the following guide lines :

  • Your post should be related to beauty or fashion i.e Reviews , Tutorials , DIY , Beauty Tips , Fashion Trends , Styling Guide , FOTD , EOTD , NOTD , Tag Post , Favorite Products , Monthly Favorits , Hauls , Product Comparison, Tips and Tricks basically everything that comes in between Beauty & Fashion . If you running out of the ideas , all you have to do is just drop a piece of an email to me at .
  • You don't own a blog , its absolutely not important at all . If you are reader and want to share your thoughts with the rest of the world you can just write it up .
  • Make sure post is free from grammatically errors , well punctuated and write in readable English .
  •  If you are a blogger/youtuber, send in social networking links of your blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest etc and I will link at the end of the post.
  • Make sure the blog post contain atleast One Photograph , preferably photographs taken personally instead of google images which should be clear and at least of 700-800 pixels wide.
  • Your post should be exclusive to Sana's Ramblings and no part or picture of the post should be posted anywhere else previously.
  • You can link up or share your post on your own blogger after 7 days once it got published on Sana's Ramblings.
  • Proof read your post at least once before submission to check grammatical errors , spelling mistakes , punctuation.
  • Include at least a line or two about yourself or your blog before writing a post.
  • Freelancers are suggested to stay away atleast a mile or two away who try to advertise or/for promotion of a company I strictly not allowing any such posts.
  • Email me your post at (write it in Microsoft Words or Notepad) and attached pictures in one single email and email it.
  • Multiple emails for the same post will not be entertained.
  • I reserve the right not to include any guest post that is not meeting with guest blogging guidelines.

Happy Writing.