About Me

Hello Gorgeous! Welcome To Sana's Ramblings

I'm Sana, 20's something, a Dubai based Pakistani Beauty Blogger. For years, I'd a passion for makeup and beauty and many of my friends and family came to me for some beauty or makeup advice. After reading many beauty blogs I was encouraged by a close friend of mine to start my own beauty blog and this is one of the best decision I've made with no regrets!

How I got started?
In 2011, my passion for makeup, beauty and writing turned into Sana's Rambling. This is my very own private bubble where I rambles about makeup, latest fashion, hair, skin care, honest reviews, makeup looks, beauty tips and a lot more. I tried hard to create this, my very own fun-filled rambling world with friendly yet clean atmosphere. No matter, if you're a novice when it comes to makeup, or a full fledged beauty addict like me, hope you find my blog helpful and informative and you stay here a while.